Grab & Go: Grab & NO!! The BEST & WORST Snacks On The Go!

Catherine here,

We all know that one major key to losing weight and keeping it off is to eat at home.

Prepare your meals ahead of time, including snacks, and only go out to restaurants for special occasions.

But, Your Life Is Just Too Busy

Let’s face it – you have SO many responsibilities at home and you are SO busy…

Sometimes you have to grab a snack on the go,

…on the way to work,

…or on the way to your child’s baseball game,

…or on the way back from the doctor…

You know how it goes! Often when you stop to fuel your car, you think to fuel your body, too.

Stay On Track No Matter What!

Sometimes time (and food prep) fall to the wayside.  So, the key to saving your meal plan, diet, and waistline, is to make smart choices at the store!

In particular, here are a few items to avoid and a few to reach for, next time you’re in a rush.

Avoid These Fatty Snacks!

  • Original Potato Chips (so salty!)
  • Milk chocolate bars
  • Dried fruits (too much sugar!)
  • Granola Bar with yogurt
  • Chocolate & Nut Trail Mix (the fattening chocolate cancels the healthy nuts)
  • Cookies

Reach For These Satisfying Snacks Instead!

  • Snack Pack of Almonds (look for unsalted products)
  • Dark chocolate (eat sparingly!)
  • Beef jerky
  • Trail Mix (plain! No chocolate!)
  • Whole Grain Crackers

Do you have any other suggestions of items to add or avoid?

Let me know on my Facebook page!

To your health,

  • Phil McMorrow

    I thought beef jerky was very salty.

    • Catherine

      It is very salty not meant to be eaten when you are actually on the Cabbage Soup Diet!

      • Phil McMorrow

        At least it is not made by a Nestle company, as far as I know.

        • Cassandra

          packaged meat like jerky (bologna, ham, turkey, chicken, hot dogs) contain nitrates that is not recommended for woman to eat more than one serving per week.

  • joelle

    I am loking for a substitute for tomatoes….any suggestions?

    • Catherine

      Yes either grapefruit or red mild peppers. Thanks,

  • rie

    can i eat sunflower seeds?

    • Catherine

      Not while on the actual diet. Usually they are pretty salty!

      • Gaby DeLo

        What about not during the diet? I get plain sunflower seeds, without salt and use it for snacking. My problem is that most of your alternatives are nuts or nut based and because of a nut allergy, I can’t eat them. Same goes for whole grain crackers–I can eat them occasionally, but they make me gain weight! Other than fruit, my options seem pretty limited. Help?

        • Catherine

          Can you eat salads? Diet jello with fat free or low cal cool whip? Broiled kale with lemon and garlic? Unsalted popcorn? Just trying to think of things I eat when trying to lose weight other than soup and fruit!!

          • Gaby DeLo

            Oh yes, I have no trouble eating those things, and when I’m home it’s not an issue. It’s when I’m at work, or traveling to and from work. But thanks for the ideas, I just need to go and look around a bit more, I get forgetful of what’s available because I focus on other foods, heh.

  • Joi

    I always to for the Chips, chocolate and trail mix……. The other options sound like great substitutes that will kill the cravings.

  • kabota

    im on the cabbage diet and today is my fourth day (banana and skimmed milk). im not adding any thing to what is mentioned in the diet (no snags at all) till today i dont feel i have lost even 100 grams, i can feel it from my pants. could you please advice?

    • Catherine

      Banana day is a rough day and many do not lose weight on this day. Wait until after the meat days and you should notice more weight loss.

  • creative cabbage souper

    If the main reason for not eating the sunflower seeds on the diet is the salt, what are your thoughts on unsalted sunflower seeds? they have zero sodium.

    • Catherine

      Well they are high in calories 47 calories for a Tablespoon. If you can stop at just a T you are probably okay. The problem is tempting yourself with something that could add up to be a lot of calories if you keep eating them.

      • creative cabbage souper

        Thanks! At night I sometimes wake and can’t ignore the growling in my stomach just a mouthful helps, but wanted to make sure I wasn’t dooming myself! My SIL and I are on our 3rd round of the CSD and I still lost the first time through with an occasional spoonful of non salted seeds.

        • Catherine

          Sounds like you are doing a great job then!! Happy for you!

          • creative cabbage souper

            We do it when we find ourselves needing a food “reset” . It helps us refocus on healthy eating and we’ve each lost an average of 6 # each time. Last time my SIL was tight with it and lost 10.