Great Workouts Don’t Equal Edible Rewards!

Let me just put it plainly…

In order to LOSE weight, you must change your diet.

No Short Cuts

One reason why I keep writing is to DISPEL rumors about your health. We need to be informed – and with so many lies floating around the web, it’s hard to get a handle on what we actually need to do to become healthy…I’m talking long-term here!!

One rumor I hear A LOT is that some people who work out consistently (daily) think they can just eat whatever they want….and they still expect to lose weight.

Why That Isn’t True

Sorry to burst a few bubbles – that isn’t true. At. All.

First, it is very easy to overestimate your workout and calories burned…

And it’s just as easy to underestimate the calories you eat at a single sitting.

The problem is just that – we don’t know how many calories we burn (or eat), usually. You CAN keep track, but it isn’t always accurate.

Plus, some of us view working out as a chore…and sometimes those chores are followed by rewards, or treats …

Don’t Eat Your Reward

Have you ever had an amazing workout, only to think you should reward yourself?

That, by itself, is okay! If you’ve recently conquered a mountain, you DO deserve a treat…

BUT – do not think of food as a reward! That is the opposite of how we want to be thinking!  If our ultimate goal is weight loss, food shouldn’t be a reward!

An awesome workout does NOT mean order a pizza later!

Instead, “treat” yourself with something else…a new outfit…a night out…a manicure, etc.

There are a million ways to reward yourself, and not a single one must include food.

If you want to stop craving desserts and treats (and stop thinking of them as rewards!), and start to crave vegetables instead, check out my review of an awesome hypnosis program. It’s gotten rave reviews by other Cabbage Soupers, and I know it will be helpful to plenty of you!

What do you do to reward yourself every time you get a step closer to your goals?

To Your Health,

  • Sandirs

    This is excellent advice! Too many overweight people–myself included–use food as solace and as a reward. Reward yourself in non-edible ways! At least you won’t have dieter’s guilt!

  • Joanneataudrys

    Most definitely agree whole heartedly!! So many times I have looked at the meter on my exercise equipment and it has sure not reflected any weight loss…

  • Steve

    I like to eat sourkrout, one day I will learn to make my own sourkrout.

    • Anything you can make at home is better…you can look for the healthiest ingredients

  • Bksippel

    Very good advice. Our world tells us to celebrate in any way we must have food . Birthday’s has a cake and ice cream to celebratre the event.

  • elaine

    your knowledge is infinite! Thanks

  • Natalie B

    This is so true!!! I wish I read this 3 weeks ago. I am motivated by results. I worked my B**tt off with exercise YET the scales remain the same WHY…because my mindset was all wrong. Working out does not mean eating what you like especially when your goal is to loose weight. maintenance is different from loosing. Nevermind I now have the cabbage soup to kick start a phenominal journey!.