Guilt-Free Snacks (For Adults!)

Even if you’re eating tons of vegetables, complete proteins, and drinking plenty of water, you can ruin all of your efforts with a big, greasy bag of potato chips.

However, I know that most of us need a snack between lunch and dinner…and that’s OK!

I actually just read some new information that says one helpful way to NOT snack at night (after dinner) is to make sure you have a quality, high-protein snack BEFORE dinner.  That way dinner is more fulfilling and you’re less likely to snack at night.

Also, you already know that to keep your metabolism moving, you should eat small meals BEFORE you get hungry, and you’ll have less cravings for bad stuff.

So, here is a list of 10 items that are 100 calories OR less.  Some are sweet, some are crunchy, some are salty, and some double as dessert.

Isabel has a HUGE sweet-tooth, and she has plenty of sweet, dessert-like recipes!

Click here if you need to curb your sweet tooth, the Isabel way!

Snack happily…and guilt-free! 

  • 6 cups of plain, microwavable popcorn (skip the salt, okay?)
  • ½ cup of cottage cheese (add a small slice of fruit, like watermelon, or a couple small strawberries to sweeten, and you’ll STILL be under 100 calories!)
  • 14 almonds (fiber plus protein = full, happy belly)
  • 1 apple (try it baked with a sprinkle of cinnamon, yum!)
  • 1/3rd cup of edamame
  • ½ cup high-protein yogurt (add cinnamon here, too)
  • 1 cup of tomato soup (plus it’s warm, so perfect for those of us working in cold offices!)
  • 1 ½ cup of grapes (they are awesome frozen, too)

And, two dessert-like options!

Both of these came from Isabel’ Beyond Diet cookbook, so if you’re interested in more of the same, click HERE to check her out!

  • Fro-Yo Sandwiches – made of graham crackers and
    a table spoon of frozen yogurt! (still around 80 calories, even using flavors
    other than Vanilla!)
  • Banana “popsicles” made by opening the bottom of
    a banana and shoving in a popsicle stick.
    Add a dash of coconut (after you peel it) and enjoy!

Click here if you need to curb your sweet tooth, the Isabel way!

And let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments below!!

  • redge

    how do I unsubscribe from here???

    • You have to do it from the email, go to the bottom of it and click “manage your subscription.” let me know if you have trouble with it and I can do it for you.

      • Sara M

        hi ..
        im wondering can i add lemon and vinger on my vegetables ?

  • Mom50_nc

    when i saw this i said please let popcorn be there and it was and it is the biggest amt of anything u get lol

  • Nikkilloret

    Can I put a tsp of honey with my baked apple? thanks for the continued support.

    • A tablespoon of raw, natural honey adds around 60 calories, so if a teaspoon is 1/3rd of it, it’ll add about 20 calories. Not a bad addition at all!

      • johnny

        honey is 80% sugar, 40% fructose so only a little. im not sure about the fat thing, fat is fine in small portions it keeps you fuller longer and you dont over eat, and avoid “low fat” foods they compensate with more sugar or salt. eat whole foods whenever possible, less processed sugars and carbs the better

  • Jason

    I am soo going to try the Fro-Yo Sandwiches and Banana popsicles. 🙂 They sound soo tasty.

    • I thought so too! I’m guessing you have a sweet-tooth like me. I usually open emails that have “sweet” or “dessert recipes” in them first!

  • Nannie

    This is great, thank you very much!

  • Ruth

    Please spell correctly.

    • Gaykite

      So rude. She’s just trying to help. Get a life !

    • What isnt spelled correctly?

      • She’s just trying to help.

        • I thought so, too. I still don’t see the errors, myself. 🙂 If anyone sees typos or errors, please point them out!

      • No good deed goes unpunished! 🙁 Keep up the good work and forget about the haters….

    • bear

      Whats the problem? I don’t see any error?
      Are you sure it’s not your mistake and now can’t admit it?

  • Petro

    Thank you so much for all these tips. It is realy motivational

  • Bolwethu

    thank you so much for your emails,it really keeps me going

  • Harmesh

    i just start yesterday. this is my 2nd day doing well

  • nihad

    dear catherine
    i am diabetic and hypertensive ( overweight) is there any hope that i can lose wt to controle my dm and htn with that kind of soup thnkks

    • That is a question suited for your Doctor much better than I!

  • Anonymous

    i drink coffee i have for years i use splenda now is there something i can use while on the cabbage soup diet please help i can not drink coffee black

    • During this diet, no, you cannot have any sweetener. You can add some skim milk to taste. From doing this diet, I’ve discovered I like ICED black coffee and I drink that on a regular basis now, including this morning, actually. Once you’re off the diet, stevia is a much better choice than splenda, and just as sweet!

      • Beth Mannino

        Ok no coffee for 7 days. On the 8th day I would like to resume drinking my coffee but do not like plain black hot coffee. I would like to try to make a homemade iced coffee using the flavored coffee beans that you grind yourself at the market. Are these “flavored beans” ok to use?

  • Gina Cole

    Some of my favorites that don’t leave me feeling guilty are: 1 Tbsp Hummus with 1/2 whole wheat pita cut in pieces, (2) 1 med. apple cut in slices and spread with 1 tbsp peanut butter, (3) 1/2 slice whole wheat toast topped with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter and 1/2 banana sliced, (4) 1/2 cup fresh strawberries and blueberries (mixed) with 1tbsp honey as topping for 1 cup of greek yogurt (optional: 2 tsp chopped pistachio nuts for crunch.) Try drinking a full 8 oz. glass of water before eating these snacks to help you feel full and satisfied.

  • Rasheba Hudson

    Hi, i have not yet started the diet, it is so hard to give up everything that i have been eating in the pass. What do you suggest that i do. Please HELP!!!!!!! Thank you

  • Bbbbjred

    Ok I am on day 4 of the plan! I have noticed some results but I am worried by eating the Bananas its not a good thing!! Why do you feel it is and how is it effective to this diet? Oh and for some reason I thought I would be going to THE BATHROOM alot but I am only noticing I go pee alot more. I am drinking about 70 oz of water a day and working out hard do you think I have a chance of losing ? I have been at the gym for the last 5 months on my lunch and found my self going from 135 to 139 I am worried I will gain with this diet! HELP LOL

    • Bananas are nutrient dense food that’s helpful on any diet or weight-loss program. It is fat, cholesterol and sodium-free. Has B6, minimal carbs too, which your body may be craving now. If you’re worried, eat only 2 or 3 and eat plenty of soup instead

  • Anonymous

    Hi I am about to start the 7 day cabbage soup diet. any tips. My daughter is getting married next sunday….I am a sales rep on the road all day…help 🙂

    • mnapril

      So I am almost done with the 7 days, and definitely do feel better! I don’t have my total loss yet but so far its around 5lbs. Some tips/knowledge I gained are:

      -it really makes to our evaluate your eating habits and rethink/reshape them

      -the first day was my hardest day, but you get through it.

      -if I got bored with the soup. I would add a few dashes of chilli powder and cumin to my individual bowl which changed the flavor of the soup to taste like chili to me (minus the meat!). Very tasty and added variety I needed!

      -it amazed me how much the bananas and skim milk day really did drive my aversion to wanting sweets. I skipped all sugars and candy etc while on this and that day definitely helped immensely.

      Will continue to use this diet to keep me on track with eating, if needed!

  • Moodster2010

    Just to let you know this is the second time I am doing the soup diet.. First time…I went from 110kg to 90kg (over about 6 weeks had boiled fish and cabbage after that and reintroduced the tasty stuff later!!!) all kick started from the CSD! Chrsitmas is coming and back to 95kg soooo…..Brilliant..stick with it people IT IS ONLY SEVEN DAYS..IT WILL WORK…YOU WILL LOOK AND FEEL GRRRREAT!! (I keep telling myself this everyday!)
    AND its not as bad as people think it might be!!!!!!

  • Lexiautoparts

    Starting day 3 feel great! 1st 2 nights were sketchy but I stuck to your plan and ate soup!

  • Nej75

    What about hard boiled eggs in the morning for breakfast? I am having trouble with breakfast options. Thank you.

    • I know its odd, but have soup for breakfast! Its only 7 days. On the fruit day, have some fruit. On veggie days, make a green veggie smoothie or even blend some soup. No eggs this week.

  • Osucheerkat

    Anyway I can have some peanut butter with my apples?

    • Not this week! No peanuts, no butter, no peanut butter 😉

  • Nancander

    On my fourth day tomorrow and doing pretty well. Can you have any other fruit with the bananas on day 4?

  • Guest

    Hi Catherine,

    Im on day two , its going well till now and cant wait for my potatoe tonight! Just to clarify can we have these snacks WHILE on the 7 day diet or are these just healthy options for after? Sorry just want to make sure.

    Also on day 7 the maunal says add in brown rice does that mean i can eat beef , brown rice and veggies etc?


    • Healthy options for after! You should ONLY eat whats on the 7 Day plan this week. Day 7 is just rice, veggies, and soup!

  • Safaa

    Hi, On my fifith day today, it says i can add meat and have tomatoes, is that all i can have today besides the soup so no veggies or fruit? Thanks

  • Guest

    I am going to start this diet tomorrow but I have to be at my cousin for dinner on day 4 which is only banana and milk. do you think I can switch and have my day 5 food on day 4 and day 4 food on day 5? She is making roast for dinner so I am guessing I can have that, right? Thank you 🙂

    • Sorry for not getting back to you, I was out of town. Hope it went well!

      • Elly

        Would you please answer his question? It’s a good one

        • Since it was over 3 weeks old, I figured he was all set. You can swap days if needed

  • susan

    I would like to do this diet for 11 days. What combination of foods would you recommend on days 8 – 11?

    • I dont recommend it at all, actually. Any longer than 7 days and your body risks going into starvation mode, causing you to cling to calories instead of losing them. For best results, dont do it longer than a week.

  • Michelle

    I want to cook the soup with no salt but with certain spices…can i use tabasco in substitute of salt per bowl? I would probably add 5-6 drops per bowl. This is normally my desired amount.

    • Try not to..use jalapenos, chilies, or pepper flakes for spice instead, something more natural

  • Mycandlelady_spooner

    help!!! breakfast suggestions???

    • Soup. Try to eat some as early as you can. On your fruit days, have some fruit, on your veggie days, have soup as early as you can or blend some fresh veggies for a ‘smoothie’ in the morning.

  • Knightvette81

    Is it ok to eat grapes while on this diet I know they contain sugar and also fruit that is packed in a can with the juice ?

    • Yes, grapes are OK fresh from the bag, but NOT any canned or pre-packed fruit. You should have fresh items only!

  • maare

    can i eat Bengal gram during diet plzzz reply me

    • No you cannot because it is in the bean/legume family, no beans this week.

  • maare

    hey i m 5th day diet can i drink carrot juice and eat fruits+ vegetables with tomatoes and meat plzz reply

    • On Day 5, have meat, tomatoes, and soup only. That is it.

  • Loveandwedding

    can we eat fruits on day 7? Please let me know

  • Ahmail13

    Hi, is it possible to add some lemon/balsamic vinegar to veg?

    • Lemon squeezed from a lemon, yes. Store bought lemon juice, no. Vinegar, no. Vinegar is usually made from sugar!

    • Lemon squeezed from a lemon, yes. Store bought lemon juice, no. Vinegar, no. Vinegar is usually made from sugar!

  • shaz

    Hi Catherine, Whats the best fish to have for Day 5 and best steak for Day 6 please?

    • A lean white fish like cod, and a lean cut of steak are best

  • Ahmail13

    Hi Catherine, is it ok to put some fresh squized lemon juice on the veggies? how about balsamic vinegar?

  • Angie

    Hello Catherine, can you snak on almonds with this diet

  • Angie

    How many calories is in this soup

    • Depends on how you make it, but 80-100 per serving. Have at least 3 huge servings.

  • Richard abi chahla

    pop corn is acceptable during the cabbage soup diet ?? if yes on which day ?

    and i was wondering if i can eat ketchup or mustard with the steak on day 5 and 6 ? what side meal is acceptable with the steak on the 5th and 6 th day ?

    thanks a million

    • No popcorn all week. No ketchup or mustard all week. On the 5th day you can have soup, meat, and tomatoes only, and on the 6th, have meat, soup, and vegetables only.

  • Suzy

    Can you cook your raw veggies with something like garlic powder? and I was thinking about adding slivered almonds to my green beans im guessing thats a no correct??

    • Garlic powder is fine. Almonds are not okay and neither are green beans. Avoid beans this week, unless you are a vegetarian and in that case use only as a protein source for days 5 and 6.

  • Suzy

    Can you cook your raw veggies with something like garlic powder? and I was thinking about adding slivered almonds to my green beans im guessing thats a no correct??

  • Pjorbs68

    Can we add Ro-Tel to the soup? I’m really enjoying this version of the diet. Thanks

    • Your better off using regular, plain canned tomatoes which will have less artificial ingredients

  • Ya_analina

    Hi, I am on Day 6 and it feel already good. What can I snack on today?

  • Steph

    Today is friday of Lent…Is it ok to eat salmon instead of beef? Then beef on Sat?

    • Have a white fish instead which will have less fat. Cod, scrod, tilapia or something like that.

    • Have a white fish instead which will have less fat. Cod, scrod, tilapia or something like that.

  • Ldhays14

    Last night I did not lose any weight. I don’t know, did I do something wrong?

  • Biancaswartbooi

    Hey Catherine,

    I’m a vegeterian, and I was wondering if I can have a bogo burger patty with the veggies and soup?

    Thank you this diet is wonderful, I lost 3 pound on day 2, I’m gonna wait till the end of the week to weigh. I also exerise for 30 minutes, dont the Bender ball.

    • You’re better off with something w/less ingredients, like tofu, shitake, beans, or something like that.

      • soup lover

        Yes, I love the tofu in the soup.

  • Your diet sounds great, but my body has a problem breaking down carbs…does not matter whether it be grapes or white bread. I eat carbs and the weight packs on. I do exercise daily. I tried my own version of the South Beach Diet and went from a size 16 to a size 6, unfortunately I thought I could introduce carbs back into my diet but was very wrong up to a size 14 yuk!! Honestly, would this diet be the right diet for me? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks so much in advance.

    • This is a perfect program for you, there are no carbs!

      • leah

        actually, there are quite a few carbs on this diet…fruit, potato, bananas, brown rice?! no, there isn’t any bread or pasta or complex carbs of that nature, but all of the things i’ve listed are smack dab in the carbohydrate category.

        • You’re right, I should’ve said complex carbs, you’re absolutely right 🙂

  • Poojarana2809

    Hi…actually am planning to loose 25 k.g. In 3 mnths….my marriage is in sptmbr….my heght is 160 c.m. And weight is 85…i tried gym but it didnt wrkd….plz help me….i am pure vegetarian…suggest me sumthng…wtng for response…..thnks…pooja

    • badass

      that sounds very ambitious, so dont beat yourself up if you are not on exact track. any loss is a win for you to be proud of yourself.

  • Berthahaimbodi

    Hi there i like avocado very much isit bad for me if i eat it alot,eg two of them per day

    • On the cabbage soup diet, do not have avocado unless you’re a vegetarian and take it in place of meat on days 5 and 6. Off the diet, it is an EXCELLENT source of healthy fat although maybe 1 per day is better

  • Rortiz90

    hi i just started my diet.can i add limes or a lemon to my soup

    • Yes, certainly. Make sure it is fresh fruit, not the store bought bottled juice version

      • Mmarie

        What makes bottled lemon juice a bad choice while on the diet?

        • All the preservatives and additives that keep it on the shelf for months and months and months.

  • 6 cups of plain popcorn…why bother ! 1/2 cup of yogurt? Why bother? How does watermelon, pineapple or cantaloupe rate on your fruit days of diet?

    • Those are ideas for after the diet 🙂

      Pineapple is high in sugar so have a small serving on fruit days if you’d like but don’t go crazy with that. Cantaloupe is fine too.

  • M Arzu

    I’m just now starting this cabbage soup fit ad I’m so hungry u feel lie cheating

    • Eat more soup. You should NOT feel hungry this week.

    • I’m doing a similar diet and it allows for two cups of brown rice a da y. It helps you feel fuller, and only 2 cups max.

  • M Arzu

    I’m sorry about my errors my iPad makes ts own spelling at times, I ment to say I’m just now starting this cabbage soup diet and I feel like cheating

  • asha

    I hate milk is it ok to substitute with yoghurt?

  • asha

    I hate milk is it ok to substitute with yoghurt?

  • Liz

    hi catherine can i have fruit on days 5 and 6 of the diet???

  • Juliewebster52

    fi r st weight loss that has ever wprked for me and i feel real good thank for all the support

  • Juliewebster52

    fi r st weight loss that has ever wprked for me and i feel real good thank for all the support

  • Mmarie

    I forgot to have my baked potato on day 2. Can I have it on day 3 instead?

    • Nope, just keep going 🙂

      • Mmarie

        Sadness… Oh well.

        I did the CSD last fall (found your site then) and lost 7 pounds, then kept my intake to about 1200 calories a day by eating a similar soup (just added a 13 bean mix for protein, use low sodium organic chicken broth and skip the soup mix) for breakfast & lunch. I also ate smart the rest of the time and switched out the frozen dinners I was eating for real food. Lost another 18 pounds in the next two months.

        After Christmas I kept eating soup twice a day, but went over 1200 calories and have maintained the weight loss for the last five months. Now I am doing the CSD again this week and will follow the same plan to get off the next 25 pounds by the end of summer.

        I have found your site very encouraging for those challenging 7 days of cabbage soup and more cabbage soup. Especially since I have had to make desert for potlucks twice during this time.

  • Zolo

    I am so hungry. And I miss meat

    • You should NOT be hungry this week. You should be incredibly full. Have at LEAST 3-4 huuuge bowls of soup plus the extras.

      • Zolo

        Okay. Now I am mentally ready I guess. I forgot to put celery in my soup. Is it okay to eat without celery?

  • Pilok_jerl

    Its my 5th day of Cabbage soup diet. It says I can eat beef and tomato. Can I eat apple or any fruits this day?

  • Janell

    Just got through day one and i really miss my cuppa. Dont like it without sugar. but hey i’ll get over it. Just wondering though about Pumpkin – there is no mention anywhere.

    • It is very starchy, so limit it to 1 serving on veggie days

  • Bruno

    Catherine, after 1 week of this diet what do you recommend to eat on the other 2 weeks?

    Can I eat boiled Pasta in between those 2 weeks? what about chinese buffet?

    I am hungry..

  • M_elena67

    can i keep taking my vitamins or will it affect the outcome?

  • maryrose

    Cabbage soup diet great found it so easy. Lost 7lbs in a week and felt amazing. Thank you. I felt the best I have felt in years and my skin looks so better. Had a break and am doing it again in another week after eating normally with treats. Have managed to maintain by using my vibration plate daily. Just weighed and lost futher 2lb and have motivated my husband to join us. The next plan I bought but cost £68. Cheat yourself thin, I have read it BUT wish I have not bought it as I found out you have to buy supplements with Diabetics cannot take more tablets. I want to loose 1 stone only now so after research its all about eating the right things like the vegetables and fruit the cabbage soup tips say, Low sodium ,fat and sugar.

  • Tonya

    quest: I love lentils and barley are they allowed?? also I am by far the worst sugar junkie, is it okay to use stevia? and is there a substitute for onions, because I suffer heartburn
    Thank you in advance for your response

    • No lentils, barley or stevia this week 🙂 Just omit the onions.

  • Littlebits_65616

    My husband will be at a ball game on day six. He wants to know if a hot dog (of course, without the bun) would be ok to have. (Tradition at a ball game as everyone knows). Thank you for your help.

    • It would be a poor choice, as a hotdog is not really a discernible meat of any kind, very artificial.

  • Rachelle

    I’m allergic to tomatoes and oranges and several other fruits of this nature. What can I substitute for the tomatoes with the beef? Can I eat watermelon or something since it has a HUGE amount of licopene? Or should I just eat beef only? Ugggh. Help! Thanks.

  • Lenwa

    Hi. I’m really struggling to eat the soup. I’m so bored of it . Does it stop the diet working if I just skip it. On day 3!

    • You must eat 3-4 servings a day for this to work. Blend it in the blender, add ice and drink it or add some different spices and veggies to give it a new life.

  • Trish Glasgow

    Hi can I drink tea with a splash of milk and if so how much

    • Use as little skim milk as you can. You can drink as much tea as you want.

  • lana

    tomorrow is day #5 for me. Can I add spices to my tomatoes? Thank you!

  • Sara

    I do not eat meat or eggs ..what is the best substitute for days 5 and 6. Can i eat chickpeas,lentils ,quinoa or greek yogurt ..or drink isopure for the protein..

    • Chickpeas, lentils, tofu, shitake, yes.

      Don’t have green yogurt. You can have that on Day 4 if you don’t drink milk.
      On Day 7, rice is a better option than quinoa.

  • KimiK

    I am off the CSD! And I want to keep the weight off and loose more! How can I do that without eating the cabbage soup? What kinds of foods should I have now to maintain and/or loose ?? thanks!

  • Hank

    Just completed the cabbage diet and lost 4 kg. Starting a new session tomorrow to have a day of “non-diet food” in between. The marvellous thing about the cabbage diet is that it removes all cravings for good – I never felt hungry during the day.

    • Hank

      Sorry about typo – should be “removes all cravings for FOOD”!!!

  • africana

    I like the diet. It is my second time and it really work. However I get very hungry. Should onion be left out of the soup? Why?

    • Catherine

      Add as much onion as you like. Do not get hungry, have 3-4 huge bowls of soup daily or more

    • You can put onion in the soup!

  • Carmela

    On day 7 is protein eaten

  • Aysen

    Can you have any other fruit on day 4?

  • Emily

    I accidentally had a cup of green beans today thinking they are healthy for dinner with my potato, will this effect my result?:(

  • sisca

    can I have peanut butter ….im going to day 2

  • Tara

    Hi Catherine,
    Can I put balsamic vinegar (NOT the salad dressing) on my greens?

  • Sugarplum

    Hello Catherine,

    I had Gastric bypass surgery. I lost 130 lbs and gained back 20lbs.I am starting the cabbage soup diet to jump start my body. Am I allowed to eat peanut butter with the apple slices for more protein intake?

    • We do not recommend peanut butter but beans are good for protein.

      • Tyler

        what kind of beans?

      • Catherine

        Kidney, black, pinto, white, lima – almost any kind of beans except baked beans!!

  • summer

    Hi catherine, we’ve reached day 5 of the diet and are doing great so far just wanted to know if we can have some english mustard on our steak tonight as it has less than 1 g of sugar, fat & salt per 100 g ?

    • HI you really are not supposed to have mustard. If you use just a dab it would be okay but remember it does contain salt and sugar and you are supposed to be staying away from that!!!!

  • Alice Theimer Burnett

    Just finished day 3 and have lost 5.5 lbs! So pleased and the diet is so easy! Thanks, Catherine!

  • Kay

    Hi guys,

    I had a medium bowl of popcorn(without salt and oil) in day 2 at around 7pm. Will this affect my weight loss?

    • Carla

      No butter right? If it was just plain popcorn without butter and salt you might be okay.

  • Sam

    Are dry sunflower kernels fine for a snack with the fruit?

    • Susan

      When on the actual 7 day diet they are not. When you are not on the diet they are an excellent healthy snack.

  • Kim

    HI Im doing the cabbage soup diet. may i have popcorn?

    • Susie

      Not while on the 7 day plan. After you can if it’s unbuttered!

  • Zakira Jahan

    hi catherine.. can i have almonds for snacks also can i have brinjal/ eggplant with my vegetables

    • Susan

      No almonds while on the 7 day diet unless you begin to feel faint from lack of protein then a few would be okay. Eggplant is fine.

      • Zakira Jahan

        thanks a lot susie

  • Zakira Jahan

    and also can i have brinjal/ eggplant with my vegetables