Habits That Are Making You Fat (& How To Stop Them!)

Catherine here,

Every day you wake up, eat breakfast (or you should!), get your kids ready for school or get yourself ready, go to work, come home and have dinner, then go to bed.

In between, there are a few very simple habits that you probably perform day after day…

…and those habits are making you FAT!

So, let’s trim that fat!

Here are a few habits you may have that could be stacking on the pounds…and here is how to fix them!

Habits That Make You Fat

-Bringing Serving Dishes To The Table

If you bring over the pasta bowl or even the baked chicken from the oven and right to the table, you are probably over-eating!

  • To fix it, serve yourself from the kitchen and bring only your plate to the table.  If you have to think about seconds, you’re less likely to get them.

-Eating From The Container

Similar to the dinner disaster scenario, if you eat something from a container, especially ice cream or another cheat snack, you’re more likely to overeat.  Be honest – how do you know you’re eating a half cup of ice cream if you’re eating it from a ½ gallon container?

  • To fix this, measure out your food! Put a ½ cup of ice cream in a cup and fill it half way!

-Not Sleeping Enough

Yes, this has nothing to do with food.  But it does have to do with your metabolism and your judgment.  Sleep deprivation may lead you to add extra sugar in your morning coffee or to grab a quick fix, like a donut, in the morning.  Your afternoon is full of sugar crashes and guilt.

  • To fix this, hit the hay at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning.  A routine is good for the body and the metabolism.

-Too Much Television

If you eat and multi-task, like watching television or surfing the web (yes, on your smartphone counts, too), than you’re likely to eat too much.

  • To fix this, turn off the television or put your phone down.  Enjoy a nice meal and a good conversation!

-Drinking Your Calories

One morning’s run to your favorite coffee shop can ruin a whole day’s worth of eating well.  Have you checked the calories in your favorite mocha-caramel-whip-whole milk-whatever concoction?  You may be drinking over 1,000 calories in a single cup! (Same goes for over indulging in sodas!)

  • To fix this, bring coffee from home. Sub in skim milk or soy milk. Say NO to whipped crème.

Make a few tweaks to your everyday routine, and you’ll see those pounds fall off!


To your health,


  • lucky

    what can you put on the leafy vegetables?

    • Use some lemon juice and garlic and if you must just a touch of olive oil.

    • Cat

      Just the other day I cooked skinless chicken breast in the oven (in foil, with thyme and some whole garlic cloves for added flavour) and when it was cooked I mixed some of the left over juices with a little balsamic vinegar for my salad.
      It was very yummy (of course you can’t do this if you are a vegetarian) and didn’t require any oil.

  • slim sid

    Does anyone know if it is ok t make smothie drinks on fruit days or do we have to eat full fruit

    • Catherine

      Hi, It’s okay to mix the fruit with ice into a slushie or you can eat it whole whatever works for you to keep you full!!