Healthy Fast-Food Choices: Yes, They Exist!

fastfoodLet’s be honest: You should avoid fast food in order to lose weight.  Fast food places serve huge portions, cover everything in grease and fat and salt, and serve really high calorie items.

However, if you’re traveling or you just really get the urge for a fast-food meal, there are a couple choices you can make that won’t make you feel too guilty or bloated after eating them.

Healthy Fast Food Choices

A Salad from Chipotle:

Customize your salad with lettuce, guacamole (healthy fat that fills you up!), salsa, and meat, like chicken.  Avoid corn, fattier meats, and skip the sour cream and you’ve got a high protein, medium amount of fat, and very filling meal.

Starbucks Bistro Box:

This only remains as a good choice if you do not get a giant, chocolate, creamy, drink to go with it. By itself, or with some black coffee, the bistro box offers small portions of egg, cheese, grains, and fruits.

Domino’s Pizza:

Veggie pizza with gluten free crust will give you a satisfying crunch, conquer that pizza craving, and help you eat more veggies!  While other crusts have hydrogenated oil (literally, fat) in it, Domino’s new gluten free crust does not!  Add your veggies, like broccoli, mushrooms, and fresh diced tomatoes, and dig in.


A 6 inch veggie sub is high in veggies and low on fat if you remember to skip the mayo!  You can even add a slice or two of cheese, but hold the cheese and add more veggies and you will not miss that slice of swiss. Some veggies, like the pickled banana peppers, can be dangerous for the preservatives, so stick to fresher veggies, like spinach, onions, and cucumbers.

I hope that helps you out the next time you hit the drive-thru line.  Remember, good choices and eating in moderation will help keep those pounds off – even when you need a splurge treat.

To your health,


  • colorado lady

    I think Burger King is the best bet. You can ask for a Whopper minus the bun or a grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. The grilled chicken salad is great too. Just ask for the low fat or low carb dressing. BK flame grills their food vs. fried at McDonalds. Better for your heart and your waistline!!!

  • Cammie

    Hi Catherine, I just started day 1 of CSD. However, I’m not really a fan of Celery. Can I omit it from the recipe and throw in some zucchini instead? Thanks!

    • Cathy

      It is okay to omit celery. I read that you shouldn’t put zucchini in it but I don’t see why not!

  • Chan

    Hmmm. Interesting and helpful I would say. Although I do think some sort of meat should be involved in the pizza such as chargrilled chicken, turkey or tuna. When I eat, if I have a meal without any kind of protein, i.e poultry, I crave quicker, and don’t feel as satisfied with my meal. So for me personally, topping up on veggies wouldn’t be enough, although it is a very good idea.

  • laina

    Its msg in lipton soup mix

    • Veronica

      MSG is mono SODIUM glutamate.

    • Catherine

      Remember that the soup can last all week so you are not eating the soup mix all in one day. If you want try just half an envelope and see if that adds enough flavor to the soup. Some people just use a couple bouillon cubes for flavoring. Everyone is different. If it’s too bland you won’t want to eat it!!

  • Jane

    You don’t have to use the whole soup mix just flavor to taste. If you don’t use any flavoring it will be too bland and you won’t want to eat it!

  • Susan

    Hiya Catherine I was wondering can you still have your breakfast? Thank you

    • Catherine

      You can only have soup for breakfast or on the fruit days you can have fruit.