Healthy, Fun and Easy Back to School Snack Ideas

Catherine here,

It’s hard to believe that Meet the Teacher nights are here and school is about to begin again. This summer just flew by! Are you ready to prepare some healthy, low calorie snacks again? Here are a few ideas:

Flatout Light Original Flatbreads – They are only 90 calories and a good size for making mini burritos, nachos, mini pizzas, and more. You can stuff them with healthy veggies and a little cheese and use your Panini press to heat them up.

Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars – These are great if you have a busy schedule and need a quick snack. They are only 100 calories and buy you some time to get everyone to music, dance or sports practice.

Mission Street Tacos Corn Tortillas – These are a lot of fun and only 100 calories for 3 of them. You can peanut butter and jelly them or spread some hummus or avocado on them with some chopped tomatoes. Whatever you child’s preference. My family loves them for snacks and mealtime.

Hard Boiled Eggs – These are great for a nourishing fast snack with a side of fruit and some string cheese! Eggs are about 78 calories each so low calorie! My son loved deviled eggs for a snack as well. I now make them with avocado and black olives in the filling – delicious.

Share any of your back to school snack ideas on my blog page! Have a great school year everyone! Keep those snacks healthy because if you are like me you will be eating them, too!

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To Your Health,

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