How Strength Training Burns More Fat!

Okay, let me just say, I do NOT expect you to be lifting giant barbells and become a Olympic body builder!

Far from it!

When I say “strength training” I mean something as small as lifting water bottles or soda cans (because they are FULL because you’re trying NOT to drink sodas, right?) or something small.  Even 5 pound weights that are small and hand-held will help!!

And, I know you’re at this site because you want to lose weight.  Well – good news! Strength training will help you lose weight MORE than cardio alone!

So, let me get to the explanations – the why, the how!

1. Strength training….increases your body’s ability to BURN calories! Yes! Once you’re developing muscle, it’ll take more calories to do so, which causes you to use more calories and burn more calories throughout the day, even when you’re long done with 568676_blogyour workout!

2. Strength training…improves balance! This is especially important as we get older.

3.  Strength training…helps reduce pain, especially lower back pain.  Considering most of us sit at work or to work on the computer, like I am doing now, lower back pain is quite common.

4.  Strength training…reduces blood pressure – and if you read my last email, you know that high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, vision problems, kidney problems, and more.

5.  Strength training…helps to slow the rate of bone density loss over time.  Another helpful tip as we get older! Help prevent osteoporosis by getting stronger and leaner – it’s win-win situation!

So, I challenge you!

Check with your doctor first and go ahead and find something slightly heavy – soda cans, water bottles, gallon of water if you’re already strong, or some free-weights.

Just begin with a few arm curls a day – you’ll be feeling better and looking great in no time!

To Your Health,


PS: If you need MOTIVATION to hit the gym, I suggest you read my review of Enjoying Weight Loss, a program that will have you craving the gym instead of cake in no time!