How To Add More Fruit To Your Meal Plan

Catherine here!

You may be wondering:

“I know I need to eat fruit on the Cabbage Soup Diet – but why?”

Let me start by telling you a few benefits that come from a diet rich in fruits:

  • Eating a complete diet will reduce your risk for heart diseases, including heart attacks and stroke
  • Fruits high in fiber help to regulate your system!
  • Eating fruit helps to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes (although if you have diabetes, you should monitor your fruit intake along with the plan specified by your Doctor)
  • Fruits with potassium will help to lower blood pressure over time
  • Fruits are lower calorie treats than junk food! You’ll eat less junk food and begin to crave fruit more!

This is why, during the Cabbage Soup Diet, you feel GREAT because you are eating real fruit, with real sugars, and getting full, satisfied, and healthy!

Here’s exactly how to keep your Cabbage Soup results going NOW! Click to see how I have learned to eat fruits every single day!

So, how do you eat more fruit daily?

It is SUMMER time in the US, which means MORE FRUIT AVAILABLE!! This is the best and easiest time of the year to eat fresh.

Skip the grocery store – head to your local farmer’s market instead and try these:

  • Passionfruit: High in vitamins A and C, potassium, and fiber and very low in calories.  Add to your salad for a sweet kick and skip the sugary dressings.
  • Starfruit: Your kids will LOVE this because it really looks like a star! It is high in vitamin C and SO easy to eat: just slice and eat – even the outside is yummy, crunchy, and safe to eat. Wash well, and enjoy!
  • Acai: Yes, the very same “superfood,” that was all the rage last year.  While it is NOT a miracle product, it is essential fatty acids and can contribute to weight loss WITH a good, complete diet.
  • Mango: This is my FAVORITE on this list!  Mangoes are high in vitamins A and C, potassium and fiber.  There is also a rumor (I don’t know if it’s true, but I like it) that mangoes can increase sex drive and desire – try it out and let me know! 🙂
  • Pomegranate: Love the seeds! Unlike the starfruit, this is not a fruit you can eat all of – only the seeds are edible.  Add to salads for a crunchy, yummy addition.

If you need help to crave fruits and keep them incorporated into your diet, even when you’re OFF the Cabbage Soup Diet, let Dr. Roberta help you!

Dr. Roberta Temes is a weight loss specialist and she can help you to design a new meal plan that is chock full of fruits, veggies, and proteins. Keep your Cabbage Soup results going NOW – and see how I have learned to eat fruits every single day!

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