How To Keep Losing Weight Over The Holidays!

Did you know that the average American gains 7-10 pounds over the Holiday season that runs from October-December?

Well, this year, WE will not be those people!

How To Keep Weight Off During Those Big Dinners

1. Make A Plan!  If you’ve been good for a few weeks now, and you know that once per year, you want a slice of pie – have a slice of pie.  Research shows that if you deprive yourself of that slice, you’ll cut corners and eat other bad things – when all you wanted was that pie!

If you create a list of what you plan to eat – including a few indulgences – then you will feel SATISFIED and not deprived!

2.  Don’t Smother Those Veggies!  Sure, Aunt Carol’s Sweet Potato Casserole with the pound of butter and ton of marshmallows might taste good – but you know it’s so bad for you.  Push those careless calories to the side and just have the veggies!

3. Don’t DRINK Your Calories! During the holidays, calorie filled drinks are everywhere! Local coffee shops have Seasonal drinks, egg-nogg is everywhere, and not to mention the alcohol consumption goes way up (stress?).  If you’re going to drink, space it out over time and have plenty of water, too.

4. Buddy Up!  Is your sister, cousin, or grandmother also watching her weight?  Break your dessert in half and share! Eat together, chat, and only consume 1/2 the calories.

5. Use A Small Plate! I learned this from the Hypnosis Network’s Weight Loss Pro, Dr. Roberta Temes!  If you use a smaller plate, like a salad plate, you can FILL it up and trick your mind into thinking you had a huge plate.  Portion control is key!!

After Dinner

1.  Take A Walk! Before you sit down to a movie or the Big Game, take a quick stroll around the block. If it’s cold outside, bonus points for walking faster!

2. Re-Gift Treats! Just because someone gave you food for a gift, doesnt mean you MUST eat it.  Give it to your neighbor, your child’s teacher, or drop it in the break room at the office.

3. Use turkey leftovers to make SOUP instead of sandwiches or another plate or food.  Add veggies to the soup, too. Hey – I KNOW you can make soup by now!

4. Do the Cabbage Soup Diet!  If you were more naughty than nice to your diet during Thanksgiving, you have plenty of time to whip up some Cabbage Soup and take a few days off to eat cleanly!

5. Lose 25 Pounds In 25 Days! If you really want to lose weight, have a great Holiday, and not worry about gaining weight, then use Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet to lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days.  This program works well with the Holidays because there are 5 Segments of 5 Day Plans, and each one comes with a cheat day! CLICK HERE to learn more about this awesome program!

What do you do to keep the pounds off?

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