How To NOT FAIL At The Cabbage Soup Diet

Whether you’re on the diet right now or not, you came to my website because you wanted to lose some pounds with the week long Cabbage Soup Diet.

The awesome part is, MOST of you have followed the diet to the letter and gotten the results you wanted!  Some of you loved the diet and have done the cleanse over and over….buuuuuut some of you haven’t gotten the results you wanted – and that’s where this new post comes in!

From reading your comments and from doing the Cabbage Soup Diet quite a few times, myself, I’ve come up with some sure-fire tips to help you succeed with the BEST results possible!

General Advice

For the most weight loss possible, FOLLOW the 7 Day plan!  Yes, I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but it isn’t.  No, you cannot add things to the plan OR have an egg every morning because that’s what you’ve been doing since 1982. For these 7 days, follow the plan!

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EAT MORE SOUP!  You should never feel hungry this week. The Cabbage Soup Diet is NOT a starvation diet by any means.  Have 3-4 HUGE bowls of soup and if you’re hungry, have more.

Drink NOTHING but water.  Yes, I know the cranberry juice and V8 are optional, but they do contain calories.  If you don’t want to drink calories, stick to water.

-Headaches happen.  They mostly happen to people who give up their caffeinated beverages for the week.  Yes, give up the soda and the diet Coke, too.  You CAN, however, have black coffee and tea, both of which have very few calories when taken black.  If headaches persist, take some aspirin!

Take a multi-vitamin.  I promise, you will feel MUCH better if you take that multi-vitamin.

-Make a soup you like!!!  I get SO many comments from people saying they hate the soup. Why make a soup you dislike?  Taste as you cook it and spice it up to your liking!

DO NOT ADD SALT.  Do not add salt substitutes, do not add seasoned salt. Do not add salt to the soup, do not add salt to your veggies. Don’t add salt to a bowl of soup or to your meat on the meat days. Add whatever other spices you like, but no salt!!

You CAN substitute things!  If you’re allergic to tomatoes, don’t eat them this week!!  If you hate bananas, don’t eat them this week.  Find substitutes that are appropriate in my FAQ section on the site!

Alright, there is a small smarter list of tips to stay ON track and to lose the most weight possible.  In a few days, I’ll email with more info!

If you have any tips, leave them in the comments!


PS: Is this you??  If failing at diets and NOT staying on track is a constant problem for you, I strongly encourage you to check out my review of Enjoying Weight Lossa CD program that helps you stay on track – with the Cabbage Soup OR any long-term plan!!