It’s Almost September – Time to Get Into Fall Clothes

Lose Those Vacation Pounds Now!

Catherine here,

Summer vacations were great and now it’s back to reality! If you need to lose a few pounds fast because you had special adventures. For example, some of my friends went to Hawaii, Italy and Germany and ate way too many pastas, brats, and fabulous desserts. I drooled over their posted pictures!!

I do know one thing that will help you get started on a healthier plan and that is the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan. You eat lots of fruits and veggies and get use to liking greens again.
In 7 days you can drop 5 to 11 pounds (varies from individual to individual) and then keep eating healthy because those sugar cravings will be gone and you won’t want to go back to your unhealthy binge habits. PLUS your winter clothes need to feel loose again!

The recipe, 7 Day Plan, BLOG and other resources will help you with info and questions. Just click here for the full scoop on getting back into shape! You CAN do this – get your mental game going forward!

To your health,

PS: To spice up your Cabbage Soup recipe and make it taste great, click here to checkout my seasoning. There are two great flavors to try!