Keep Pantry Well Stocked!

After the 7 Day Plan A Low Calorie Healthy Salad
Keep Your Pantry Well Stocked

Catherine here,

Sometimes after the 7 Day Plan you start to slip back into your bad habits. You need to keep your refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy foods so you aren’t tempted!! By healthy I mean fresh veggies and protein and stay away from processed foods (bread and snack aisle can be tempting) which are not good for you!

Canned beans (but not pork and beans), water packed tuna, low calorie soups and frozen and fresh veggies are great to have on hand. I have found my Hearts of Palm at Sprouts to be the cheapest. They have a can with chunks of them for just $2.49. Kroger charges $3.99 to $4.99 depending on the brand. (They are so low calorie I just love them as a snack or in my cabbage soup!)

Here is a delicious healthy salad idea for you to try:

Place a large handful of spinach leaves in your salad bowl. Top with a cup of black drained beans (heat if you want your salad warm), then add grilled or sautéed chopped yellow and red peppers, yellow onions, mushrooms, and garlic. Top it off with half an avocado. For dressing simply squeeze a lime on top of your salad – delicious. You can also toss a few cherry tomatoes on it as well. If you prefer you can use grilled chicken breasts on top instead of the beans. Either way easy to make and delicious.

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To Your Health and a Happy Summer,


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