Lose That Holiday Baggage With These Tips!

Perhaps I should say…unhappy holiday pounds?

Well, it was fun while you were doing it…spending time with family, eating whatever you wanted, and not really paying attention to your meal plan or goals.

If you’re feeling guilty, SHAKE IT OFF!!  The worst thing to do is to think “Oh well! Since I already splurged over the holiday, I should just forget my fitness goals.” I will NOT let you think like that!

Here are a few ways to get those Christmas cookies off your hips!

  • The 10% Rule.  If you’re just beginning on a workout plan, do NOT try to run the New York City Marathon tomorrow. Or even next month.  Start slowly with something you’re comfortable with, and each week, increase your workout time by 10%.  So, if you run on the treadmill for 20 minutes each day this week, do 22 next week.  Build up slowly and safely!
  • Throw out leftovers!  There are some things that keep really well, like perhaps fudge, and you may still have some at home. Throw it out! If you feel bad wasting food, give it away instead. If it’s not at home, you won’t eat it. Simple, right?
  • Drink water!  Yes, this goes on every list because it is always part of the answer!  Flush your system out.  Also, since many people confuse thirst with hunger, have a BIG glass of water before you eat, and you’ll eat less.  (Side note: this also means stop drinking so much alcohol – I know that happens over the
    holiday, too).
  • Journal! Join a community of people who are dedicated to the same goals as you are.  Write down your food choices or list them online. There are plenty of free sites where you can track your food intake!
  • Remove distractions!  Did you know you’re more likely to overeat if you’re watching television or doing something else while you eat?  Turn off the tube, focus on your meal, and you’ll eat less, guaranteed.
  • Cabbage Soup Diet!!!!!! Obviously I had to add this one here!!  If you need a week of eating your yummy soup, fresh veggies, and lean protein, hop back on the Cabbage Soup Diet!  Remember, only do this once a month for best results!

Are there any other things you do to take off your holiday weight and get back on track??  Let me know in the comments!!

Till next time,