Lose That Holiday Baggage With These Tips!

Perhaps I should say…unhappy holiday pounds?

Well, it was fun while you were doing it…spending time with family, eating whatever you wanted, and not really paying attention to your meal plan or goals.

If you’re feeling guilty, SHAKE IT OFF!!  The worst thing to do is to think “Oh well! Since I already splurged over the holiday, I should just forget my fitness goals.” I will NOT let you think like that!

Here are a few ways to get those Christmas cookies off your hips!

  • The 10% Rule.  If you’re just beginning on a workout plan, do NOT try to run the New York City Marathon tomorrow. Or even next month.  Start slowly with something you’re comfortable with, and each week, increase your workout time by 10%.  So, if you run on the treadmill for 20 minutes each day this week, do 22 next week.  Build up slowly and safely!
  • Throw out leftovers!  There are some things that keep really well, like perhaps fudge, and you may still have some at home. Throw it out! If you feel bad wasting food, give it away instead. If it’s not at home, you won’t eat it. Simple, right?
  • Drink water!  Yes, this goes on every list because it is always part of the answer!  Flush your system out.  Also, since many people confuse thirst with hunger, have a BIG glass of water before you eat, and you’ll eat less.  (Side note: this also means stop drinking so much alcohol – I know that happens over the
    holiday, too).
  • Journal! Join a community of people who are dedicated to the same goals as you are.  Write down your food choices or list them online. There are plenty of free sites where you can track your food intake!
  • Remove distractions!  Did you know you’re more likely to overeat if you’re watching television or doing something else while you eat?  Turn off the tube, focus on your meal, and you’ll eat less, guaranteed.
  • Cabbage Soup Diet!!!!!! Obviously I had to add this one here!!  If you need a week of eating your yummy soup, fresh veggies, and lean protein, hop back on the Cabbage Soup Diet!  Remember, only do this once a month for best results!

Are there any other things you do to take off your holiday weight and get back on track??  Let me know in the comments!!

Till next time,


  • dodo

    I am excited for my week of cabbage patch that’s what I call a fun cleansing..
    How about coffee in the morning there is no mention of it???

    • Layla

      i strated csd on tue and i lost at least 6 bounds so far. very happy

    • You can have black coffee or tea all week. You can add skim milk, no sugar!

      • Cindy_lou

        On days 1-4 you are too eat all soup But is it all day long or just 3 times? Would it be the same with the fruit and veggies. Can you use red cabbage?

  • I dislike the taste of cabbage soup what do I do

  • Cbkamka2

    that soup looked delicious but I did not know you put carrots in it. I have not started the diet yet, I just recieved the book and will start Monday.


    sure happy to have lost more than 11 pounds on my csd. just loved it, will be doing it again next month. now going to run a little for a month. THANKS.

  • Sunflowersara

    CSD week completed – 9 pounds lost !! :0) – Very happy with that as I’m feeling back to my pre-Christmas weight. It’s a great way to help shed those extra pounds put on through over indulging! I’m set now to lose my last few pounds to my goal weight of 9stone :0) Thank you Cabbage Soup Diet.

  • Marypkirsch

    I am on day 4 and have only lost 3 pounds and my husband has lost 7. Why do men loose so fast? Could I have eaten too much fruit yesterday, it was veggie/fruit/soup combo? I will continue but was a little disappointed when I went up 6 ozs. not down. I workout daily, twice yesterday.

    • Sigh. Men always lose weight faster!!! On average, women lose 3-7 pounds on this, so you’re doing quite well. Most people dont lose weight on Day 4 because of the bananas and milk, no worries!

  • Nukenige

    lost 11lb on the csd,now 2 weeks on and i have’nt gained any weight.I’m going back on the csd for the 2nd time and i will continue every 2 weeks until desired weight is reached 🙂

  • Nukenige

    lost 11lb on the csd,now 2 weeks on and i have’nt gained any weight.I’m going back on the csd for the 2nd time and i will continue every 2 weeks until desired weight is reached 🙂

  • Knightvette81

    My first day on the diet looking forward loosing these pounds . I did this one time before and it worked, hope it works again.

  • Tanu Bht

    Hi Catherine

    i am starting my diet today but since i have eaten apple so from tomorrow onwards i will start . Have few questions to ask

    1) Is it necessary to make soup with all vegetables you have given or just the cabbage , tamato and carrots would do ?
    2) what fruits can we eat like apple or pear or anything else ?
    3) can i eat beans or pepper saute in 1/4 spoon of olive oil?

    please tell its urgent

    • Apples are one of the fruits you can have, theres no problem with apples.

      1. The more vegetables, the better. If you cannot find some of the ingredients, substitute with things that are local.
      2. Yes, those are fine.
      3. Do not eat beans this week. Try to avoid oils as well.

      • Tanu Bht

        can we make the whole soup together for seven days or we have to prepare daily ?

        • Youll probably need two big pots of soup this week. You can store it in the fridge.

  • Laurasheldonyoung

    Can you eat shrimp or crab for protien

  • Angiieh

    Hi, I’m making this soup (its 1:00 a.m. right now hehe) and I will eat it “tomorrow”, just a little thing… I didn’t make cabbage soup, I did iceberg lettuce soup, will it still work??

    • Yes, thats ok!

      • Angiieh

        Ok, thanks for the answer 😀
        I’m eating my first bowl, It’s D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!, just another question, can I eat chickpeas this week?

        • peas, beans, lentils are all off limits unless you’re a vegetarian, then you can eat them instead of meat on days 5 and 6 only

          • Laura Linton

            thats good to know love beans and been craving them

  • Sawmya R

    Thank you so much…Even I did much cheating I lost 5 pounds… Very Happy…..

  • KatielovesCBD

    I love the CBD I have done it a few times and I am always pleased with results. First 3 days most difficult. The diet makes me feel good and even after the diet I eat less. No other diet works as good. Last week I cut back and lost only a pound which is very disheartening!!!! This week I’m back on CBD it gets good results and fast. If you can’t manage a bowl of soup try drinking it in a cup.
    Thank god for the CBD !!!!

  • Mj1333

    I think I read you can subsitute yogury for skim milk on day 4, is this correct?

    • Yes, if you need to. Choose a lowfat, plain flavor, no fruit or anything added yogurt. Compare labels and look for the highest protein, lowest calories and lowest SUGAR above all else. If you’re in the US, there are new Greek style yogurts that have a lot of protein, those are great choices if you pick the plain flavor!

  • Mj1333

    what are you suppose eat for breakfast on the non fruit days? soup…… yuckie

  • Mj1333

    what are you suppose eat for breakfast on the non fruit days? soup…… yuckie

    • Yes, soup, or fresh veggies, or blend the veggies into a juice.

  • Vs

    if your not using spring onions, and using white onions do you have to you 6 whole white onions as well?

  • guest

    hi, is my last day CSD tooday , I lost just 1 kg. but I fell good and clean in side, this diet is good for START . I;m drinking lots of water even 4 litres a day – is that tooooomuch ?

  • Micha_schier

    I lost 3.5 lbs inh the first 3 days. But after the 4th day, the banana day,i didnt lose one ounce! Im doing the diet to a T, drinking 1.5 liters of water. Is the banana day an exception day bcs of the amount of sugar and cals in the banana? I hope to have lost at least 1 lb by tomorrow, my sixth day. 🙁

    • Yes, bananaas are the exception, I hope you kept going 🙂

  • Mjjohn

    I lost a few pounds on the diet, but gained it right back!!!! Now what?

  • EB78

    I want to start this diet this week. Can I drink Flavored water and/or Crystal Light?

  • Pretty Stefane

    Hi Good People

    i want to start this diets, but i need some one to tell if it’s really working , i really need to lose weight , thanks

  • Mic

    Nupo is a high protein low calorie diet. A low calorie diet contains less than 800 calories per day and includes also all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs.

    diet soup

  • Ljchrystal

    Love this article!

  • Tasha

    Hello On day 6 can I eat Tilapia baked fish Instead of beef? Please respond to my question as soon as possible, Thanks In advance!

    • Yes, and make sure its a white fish like tilapia or cod

  • Tasha

    I meant on day 5 can I eat baked Tilapia fish Instead of Beef, please give me an answer as soon as possible, Thanks In advance!

  • Tasha

    On Day 6 can you eat both Beef and Steak or just one?

  • Laura Linton

    can i substitute swaii for the beef on both days I do not eat beef or chicken

  • Laura Linton

    can i substitute swaii for the beef on both days I do not eat beef or chicken

    • I see that it is a fish..is is a lean cut, like a cod, or a fattier meat like a salmon? If its a fatty meat, go with someone else, if its a lean meat, its OK.

  • Kassy Blahowski

    I was told about this diet and really want to try the meal plan. But I HATE cabbage! Is there another soup that would work or is could I not use it in the soup?

  • Tara

    I love fruit. I could eat my bodyweight in it each day. Should I attempt to have no more than 10 servings on the fruit allowed days – or will I be so full from the water content and fibre?

    • Eat as much soup as you can first, always reach for that. Have 3-4 huge servings of soup, then water, then fruits.

  • IButterfly Monem

    Hey umm quick question how much can a person loose by doing the diet ?????

    • Usually 3-10 pounds. Depends on how heavy you are and how closely you stick to the plan!

  • Mariam_azhar88

    hey im 81 kg.. could you please tell me your cabbage soup diet? i want to that. hoping to get a positive reponse from your side.

  • artoC

    Hi, I’m going on to my forth day of my CSD and I noticed that I haven’t lost any weight. I followed all the instructions given plus I was always a healthy eater. In general I don’t drink sodas or juice strictly water, I don’t eat fried foods, I always eat my fruits and vegetables a lot but what I think I use to do different from the CDS is eat rice and a lot of pasta. What could contribute to me not losing weight and how soon should I look for results? I am awaiting your urgent reply as I am feeling discouraged.

    • Day 4 is a bad day to weigh in b/c of the bananas and milk.

      Honestly, this diet works best for people who are very overweight and who eat a poor diet. If you’re not overweight or already eat well, you need to be even stricter and think of this as a cleanse. Dont drink anything besides water, black tea and black coffee. Add zero salt. Don’t cook with butter or oil, etc.

  • Ep

    Is the key to the weightless eating the soup so much or is that supposed to just help you stay full? I eat like 1 bowl a day…

  • jas

    @CatherineSoup:disqus wat kind of fruits can i hav.. can u suggest me frm this papaya,apple,custard apple ,guava.. can i hav all these.. plz do reply.. thanks in advance..

  • Mariam

    Can I eat 2 to 3 grilled chicken (breasts) on day 6?

  • Jdoddy1980

    Hi I have a few questions ,
    1- are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable on this diet
    2- is lettuce ok on a vegetable day
    3 – can I drink sparkling water?

    Thank you!

    • Catherine

      Tomatoes are a vegetable on this diet and yes lettuce is fine on veggie day no dressing on it though. No to sparkling water! Thanks and best of luck!

  • Zed

    I am in the middle of making the soup. Are the following OK please? Im using four large normal white onions, not spring onions. I am using normal salt content Veg Bouillon. I have no cooking spray, would two teaspooms of Olive Oil be OK instead? and I am drinking San Pellegrino (naturally carbonated mineral water) alongside tap water. Is this all OK? most concerned by the cooking oil. Thank you, Zed

  • Steve Derik

    We are on day two, but were unaware about the beans, we put a can of mixed beans in a huge pot, will that screw things up? Also we have been drinking club soda unknowingly. Like I say we are only halfway through day two.

    • Catherine

      The beans are bad as you are not supposed to have any on this diet. Stop the club soda and if you can remove the beans so you can still eat the soup. Sorry!!!

  • nets1

    Hi – i don’t eat meat or drink milk – can in swap fish for beef? and whats the alternative to milk – many thanks

    • Do you do soy or rice milk? If not then water is your only choice or skip day 4 and repeat day 1 or 3.


    • Catherine

      Yes you can do fish preferably a whitefish or you can do lentils or beans one day. If you do not do soy or rice milk then water is your only choice or skip day 4 and repeat day 1 or day 3.

  • Rachel

    Can you have shellfish( crab, shrimp, etc..,) on your meat days

    • Sue

      If you do not eat meat I guess that would be alright.