Portion Control 101: Break It Down

Catherine here,

Did you know that most restaurants serve portions that are 2x bigger than we should be eating?  Sometimes they serve even more!

You also may be likely to eat too much at home, too, where snacks can be just too easy to reach for.

Portion Control

It is time to control those portions.

It is time to make sure you’re eating just enough – and not too much.

In A Restaurant

When you’re out eating at a restaurant, ask your server to bring you only one half of your entrée, and to package the rest up to take home.  That way, you can eat everything on your plate, feel satisfied – and you’ve only eaten the correct portion!

I learned this tip from Dr. Roberta Temes!  Click here to read my review of her Enjoying Weight Loss program to see if it can help you, too.

At Home

When you’re eating at home, serve yourself in the kitchen.  Do not bring the entrée to the table, where you’re likely to carelessly reach for a second…or third…or fourth serving.

You may also want to invest in a kitchen scale, too.  If you diligently portion out your meals for 2-3 weeks, you’ll be much better at being able to eyeball the right amount later on.  Practice makes perfect!  Read those labels, too.

Portion Control Your Snacks

If you like to enjoy a snack or two as mini meals, make sure they are the right portions, too.  Instead of eating snacks straight from the container, portion them out into plastic baggies or your Tupperware containers.

Do you have any quick tips for perfect portion control?

To your health,

PS: If you need some serious help with portion control, make sure to read my review of Enjoying Weight Loss and learn from Dr. Roberta like I did!

  • Cat

    I always try to weigh out the correct portions of food before I cook them; that way I am never tempted to go back for seconds -because there aren’t any!
    (this doesn’t help for batch cooking though! That requires good will power.)

    • Catherine

      That’s very smart of you because that way you know exactly what amount of calories you are getting and can stick to your diet so much better that way. You are doing a great job!

  • Nita

    Thank you for these tips, I read about dropping all grains and eat plant and animal only, for 6 weeks. My cabbage soup is great for this, I have lost 15 lbs. and have a lot of energy, and clearer mind. No potatoes, no breads, no candy, or diet cokes and moderate exercise. Keep the the communications open. Nita

    • Connie

      Congrats on your weight loss that is so awesome and healthy for the mind and body.

    • I know everyone is jealous of your willpower!! I know I am!!

  • Donna

    Is the reduced salt ok to use

    • HI, do you mean when making the soup or for just everyday? Don’t use it when making the soup as it still will have sodium in it but for everyday cooking it’s better than “not reduced”!!

  • mari

    can you use extra virgin olive oil to make the cabbage soup?