When Protein Shakes DON’T Help! (Don’t Make This Mistake!)

Catherine here,

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of protein shakes.

Pros of Protein Shakes

Vanilla-Cream-Protein-Shake-dOn the plus side, a correctly made and healthy protein shake can be great!!!

  • It can help you lose weight.
  • It can be another way to get in your fruits and veggies.
  • It’s convenient and can be consumed on the go, so it’s a great choice for busy dieters.
  • It can help you feel full and the protein will help rev your metabolism and keep you focused.

Cons of Protein Shakes

Now, let’s talk about the other side!

  • Be wary of pre-made protein shakes!  Many are filled with sugar or, even worse, a fake sugar substitute.
  • Be wary of shakes with too many ingredients!
  • Check the calories.  If you get a “low cal” shake, you may end up with high fat, or more sugar, or something extra that you do not want.
  • Most shakes are meal replacements.  Do not simply add in a shake to your meal plan – use it as a meal replacement.
  • Consuming too much protein can be a problem for dieters as well. Monitor your intake!

For Best Results

For best results, make your own shake!

  • Pick protein powder that you’ll find tasty – check for good ingredients and check for possible allergens, too.
  • Use fruits and veggies you like! Design your own go-to beverage!
  • Monitor your protein intake to make sure you’re not eating too much.

Do you have any tips or tasty suggestions?!  Leave them below or come tell me on Facebook!

To your health,

  • Lisa

    I make my smoothies healthier by adding flax seeds, hemp seeds, wheat germ, sesame seeds to it; can’t taste them. I use almond milk, hemp milk or coconut milk. And the usual berry/cherry fruits, pineapple, powdered egg whites, tasteless Metamucil. Sometimes if I don’t have fruit I make it with a milk, coffee and peanut butter. It works for me, especially when I combine the dry ingredients way in advance so I don’t have to add them individually; saves a lot of time. Forgot, I usually add 1/2 banana to them all to avoid it from changing the flavor of the fruit and to get my potassium.

    • Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing. They sound really good and healthy!!

  • Ellie

    My friend who is a doctor recommended Vega to me and I really like it.On my early days (when I get up at 4am) it’s the perfect breakfast because it’s fast and to make it substantial I use goat milk and quinoa flour. I also add plantains, strawberries, or raspberries depending on what I have. Vega isn’t supposed to be a meal replacement so that’s why I add the quinoa. I also like it because it’s gluten, cow’s milk, and soy free which is perfect for people with allergies and food intolerance.
    On the days that I have more time I make smoothies using quinoa flour, almond milk, goat yogurt, honey, vanilla extract, and what ever fruit I have available, usually mangoes, berries, or plantains. Sometimes for a treat I’ll add some cocoa powder.

  • Alex

    I really like pea protein powder. I usually mix it with kefir, frozen berries, mango or whatever fruit I have on hand, spinach or kale, coconut oil, spirulina, sometimes chia seeds,…
    I don’t have it every day, but it’s handy when I’m in a rush in the morning.

  • tayyyy

    have you heard of almased? what do u think of it?

    • Catherine

      I’ve heard of it only through the internet. Amazon has some good reviews of it but it sounds like it tastes horrible! I would just research it more online if I were you.