Say NO to Sodas and Sweet Drinks!!

Stop Drinking Sodas!!

Catherine here,

During your Cabbage Soup Diet week, one of the hardest things for most people to give up is soda. Some of you have emailed me to say that you cannot give up soda.. that you are addicted to it..and that you drink 4 or more cans of soda each day.

The truth is – it’s true.

Here is the explanation in a nutshell: It all comes down to two types of sugars; glucose and fructose. When you drink something that contains glucose, such as a sports drink the combination of ingredients reaches the pleasure center of your brain and you feel satisfied.

If you drink something that has fructose, like soda or juice, that does not resonate in the pleasure center of the brain. After you drink it, you want another soda, and another, and another. You never feel satisfied after you drink a soda.

If you want to satisfy that pleasure center in your brain, you need to train it to want water and to skip soda.

How do you fight that urge for more and more soda?

You need willpower and you need training..both of which are hard to come by and hard to maintain without help.

For myself and thousands of other people, the training and the willpower come from the help of Dr. Roberta Temes and The Enjoying Weight Loss program by The Hypnosis Network. She also has another program Weight Loss for Life that helps with snacking, stress eating, social drinking, and shrinking your stomach.

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To Your Health,