Spices That Accelerate Your Weight Loss

Adding a variety of spices to our diet (not salt!) will help us in many ways!  Some spices make us feel fuller, some help cut cravings, and others help out metabolisms move faster and help us digest.

In the plainest terms, this means: MORE WEIGHT LOSS.

Spice Up Your Life With These!

1. Cinnamon. It helps to balance blood sugar therefore people with diabetes can use it without alarm.  It helps to balance cholesterol levels, too.  Lately, I have been adding a pinch in my coffee with skim milk – it tastes like a Starbucks drink but with MUCH less calories!

2. Mustard SEED. There is a big difference between mustard seeds and the sugary, bottled condiment.  These little seeds boost our metabolisms and make them work faster and harder. Sprinkle a pinch on your salad.

3. Ginger!  If you’re a sushi fan, like me, you know about the unique tartness that ginger leaves add to sushi.  Well, it’s good for you, too! It has anti-inflammatory properties AND helps boost your metabolism.

4. Cumin.  Add a dash  of cumin to your soup!  It is helpful for digestion. Cumin is also a “historical” spice in that it’s been used for hundreds of years!

5. Cardamon. My international readers may be more familiar with cardamon than many of us in the US.  It is quite popular in India and many Middle Eastern dishes. This is a heart healthy spice guaranteed to boost the metabolism.  Turmeric is also very similar.

What is your favorite spice?  Did you know that we can get a TON of immunity boosting properties from spices? You need your vitamins and fresh produce too, but it’s OK to spice up your life AND your next meal!

Tell me about your favorites in the comments!!

  • trevor

    I reckon we hv been using cumin for thousands not hundreds of years; hasn’t it been found in mummies?Cardamom blends when ground with coffee,producing a relaxed feeling.Just open the pod and drop the seeds into the coffee.Turmeric promotes brain health being one of the few spices the brain’s immune system allows in.Hindu cadavers show yellow brain tissue from it.My favourite spice is jalopeno chili

  • Jnell-A-Tree

    mmm I happen to be making an 18 bean soup for dinner tonight, with tomato, cumin, and cinnamon. I put cinnamon in my coffee often, will be doing it more now 😉

  • Ranjani

    im from India and happen to use all of the above spices in my dishes… not a single dish goes without garnishing with mustard seeds and cumin… i add cardamon ,cinnamon, cloves along with some sprinkles of ginger for a delicious masala Tea which is very relaxing…

    • Yes, you’re so right. We are missing out in the US!! That tea sounds fantastic

  • catherine

    I did the 7 days and lost 8 lbs but put back on 2 so im doing it again.. Im not hugely overweight so I think thats why i don’t loose as much as some. I work out almost every day… I love the soup

  • Jordan

    i love the soup and my favorite spice i it is red crushed peppers that really helped make the digestion go by much faster 🙂 i lost 10lb and because of it i had decided to become a peskatarian i have been a peskatarian for 3 months now and let me tell you with a family of meat eaters its hard but after the first 2weeks you don’t really care for meat anyways. I enjoy the soup and eat it with the diet at least once every 2-3 months to keep my metabolism going. so far I’ve lost 20lb so im working, I haven’t been working out except doing 120 crunches and cardio every day at night around 9:00 before i go to sleep but i’m also not a “big” person so i that could also be another subject from what scientist say but science isn’t always right.

  • Diana

    Can I take green coffee bean supplements 30 mins before my soup?

  • anita.tania

    can i combine my acai berry supplement with cabbage soup diet?