Stop Bashing Yourself!

Stop the Destructive Self-Talk

Catherine here,

Do you focus on all of the foods that you can’t eat when you start a diet plan? Then you are already making slimming down much harder than it needs to be. You should be your best supporter and #1 cheerleader. Be positive about your goals and remember to talk nice to yourself!

Pick Your Battles

If you don’t like to eat vegetables then pick one to hate instead of all of them. Skip the peas and say yes to a great vegetable wrap or maybe try a pumpkin or beet soup. Make mealtime fun by trying new veggies.

Start Out Exercising Slowly

Think you can’t exercise because you are too out of shape? Take it one day at a time. Set goals for each week. Try doing a few pushups for starters. Walk instead of run – it’s all about moving your body, burning calories, and building those muscles. Try to break a sweat in the morning if you have the time. You will feel energized all day and accomplished.

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To your new vocabulary of “I can”,


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