Stress Causes Belly Fat! 5 Tips To Reduce Stress!

Catherine here,

Studies are popping up all over the world and PROVING that stress leads to weight gain!

And, for women, that weight shows up in the WORST possible place – the belly.

The culprit is a chemical called cortisol.

This chemicals has been shown to slow down digestion and constrict blood vessels along with a few other key biological changes that control how your body and brain function and how strong your food cravings come on.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola says:

“Many people don’t understand that emotional well-being is essential to their physical health. In fact, in terms of dieting for weight loss, not addressing emotional issues — whether small or serious traumas from the past — is the primary reason that most people who lose weight often fail at keeping the weight off.”

So, in order to keep the weight off, you’ve got to keep your stress levels DOWN.

Here are 5 Tips To Reduce Your Stress:

1. Yoga/Physical Movement:  It is well known that movement and physical activity help reduce stress – and, double bonus – it obviously helps us lose weight, too.  Take a long walk to ease your mind after a stressful day.  Studies also show that looking at trees helps us to refocus and concentrate – and this does not include photos of trees on your computer.  Get outside, stretch, and treat your body right.  Yoga has also been proven to be an almost instant stress reducer.

2. Eating Well/Avoiding Processed Foods: We may think that soda, alcohol, cigarettes and coffee will fuel us and keep us going, but they actually add to our health problems AND stress levels.  A Cabbage Soup Detoxed body will handle stress better than a McDonald’s body will.

3. Identify and Eliminate: Remove ANY stress that you can control, such as trying a new workout to help a chronic pain, or taking a new route to work.  There are few stresses we can control, I know, but for the few things we can change, go ahead and do that. It will help instantly.

4. Sleep More: If there was ever a justification for a nap, this is it.  Lack of sleep causes a myriad of problems, including making us irritable and more stressed than we otherwise may have been! We also tend to veer off our meal plans too, and make decisions about our diets – and personal lives – that we would NOT have made if we were well rested!

5. START TAPPING: “Tapping,” also known as “EFT,” is a revolutionary technique that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, with life-altering results, especially in the treatment of stress reduction, pain reduction, and weight loss.

The technique itself literally involves “tapping” on the meridian points of your body while focusing on the issue you want to work on. This simple-to-learn and easy-to-use technique is, time and again, giving people around the world incredible results.

Nick Ortner, an expert in Tapping, has recently released a new book that has already grabbed the #1 NY Times best-seller spot within two weeks of its release and currently has a 5-star rating on Amazon.

If you need more than simple suggestions to eliminate health-damaging stress in your life, it is definitely worth the time to head over to Amazon and learn more about this revolutionary book and approach.

Click HERE to learn more about The Tapping Solution, the technique, the new book, and how it can help you!

To your health,


Here are a few examples of how people are responding to their new books:

“I purchased this book at my local Barnes and Noble bookstore because I had heard about it from others and wanted it RIGHT then. I was really interested to learn about the thinking behind this method and how it had worked for others. I was so impressed by the ease of reading this book and how I could really fit this method into my daily life. Who wouldn’t want free methods to helping yourself? I found the tapping really easy to follow… It is really a one-stop guide to heal yourself. The diagram and inserts helped me really understand the process of tapping so I knew exactly how to do it and could try it all without worrying about if I was doing it right.”

-Alison Taylor

“This is hands down, the best money I have ever spent! I wouldn’t say I’m a beginner, but I was somewhat new to tapping before opening up this book. This book did a great job of not only teaching the basics, but encouraging you to delve deeper. My mind has been opened to so many things as a result and I have already experienced positive changes beyond my wildest dreams 🙂


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    I like to make soyp

    • Catherine

      Making your own soup is the best thing you can do for yourself. Use fresh veggies and watch the sodium levels. Use Mrs. Dash spices and you won’t have to worry about bad additives. Experiment!