Surviving Weekend Barbeques

Catherine here,

It’s party time and you are ready to enjoy getting together with your family and friends now that the snow is gone and the backyards are ready for fun cookouts.
There are several things you can do before hand to survive a calorie laden party without blowing your diet. Want to know what they are? Then just read below:

  • Eat something light before you go to the party so you don’t come starving. This will allow you to sample but not over indulge.
  • Bring your own bottle of water that is half frozen and put some frozen fruit in it for taste. Keep adding water throughout the party and you won’t be as tempted to drink sugary teas or soft drinks.
  • Ask your host/hostess if you can bring an appetizer. Not only will you score points for bringing a dish to share but you can bring something low-calorie that you know is safe to eat. Think veggie platter with hummus dip (eat dip sparingly) or a large tossed salad with a light basil vinaigrette dressing. Top with cherry tomatoes and sliced red onions, feta cheese, and a few kalamata olives and everyone will compliment your salad.
  • If it is a cocktail party then bring your own Skinny Girl wine or light beer. There is nothing wrong with going low calorie.
  • When the grill master takes off the steaks, hamburgers, chicken or sausage – go for the leanest cut and stay away from extra barbeque sauce. It is full of sugar and most have about 50 calories per 2 tablespoons. Also, remember to skip the skin on the chicken!
  • If they are serving baked beans then remember to only get ½ cup as that is 190 calories and you still have coleslaw and potato salad beckoning at you. Mayo has 90 calories in 1 tablespoon. Yikes that’s a lot of calories. One-quarter cup of potato salad would be about 245 calories.
  • Remember you can cover up half your plate with the salad you brought and then put the lean meat on your plate and rave about it while not hurting anyone’s feelings!!

In my next blog I will be sharing some recipes perfect for bringing to cookouts but still staying in the healthy, tasty, low calorie line!

Please feel free to share any of your party secrets for not blowing your diet. Tell me in the comments section below or on my Facebook page.

Until next time,

  • Carol

    I made asparagus on the grill last night with a bit of olive oil and garlic was so good! Better than mayo salads!!!! Less fattening too!

  • Geena

    I always bring my own Skinny Girl wine so I’m not overconsuming calories through wine and I always bring a healthy appetizer! The kids would rather have cookies but I don’t want to blow my diet!