Sweet Holiday Swaps To Stay Thin!

Halloween…Then Thanksgiving…Then Christmas!

Why do all of these holidays involve such fattening foods?

Even if you don’t live in the US, I know you have upcoming holidays that include treats as well – junk food is a global epidemic! Haha!

Anyway, there are a few quick things we can do to save our waistlines and to stay on track – while not being the one eating rice-cakes in the corner!

Many of my suggestions come from the fabulous Isabel De Los Rios.  Her Beyond Diet program is based off eating real, whole foods, and her recipes include healthy fats, like oils, nuts, avocado…AND things like real sugar, real butter, and other healthy suggestions.

The Beyond Diet Program is a MUST HAVE for long-term health, especially if you’re trying to be good and eat at home as much as possible!

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Okay, onto the info!

First: chocolate!  Chocolate is my personal weakness.  Let’s be honest: those mini-candy bars don’t do it….does anyone eat just one?

Instead of a candy bar, get some fruit that you like (strawberries, melons, pineapples), and dip them into a melted semi-sweet or for an EVEN BETTER recipe, use dark chocolate.  Just make bite size pieces of the fruit, spear with a toothpick, dip in the melted chocolate, and lay on wax paper.  Freeze them if you’d like and snack without guilt!

Mainstream Swaps: Okay, there are moments when you WANT a candy bar, right?  (Or, you know, you might be borrowing a little treat from your child’s candy basket). We aren’t perfect here – but we are trying!  Some store-bought candy is a lot healthier than others, so here are a few store-bought suggestions:

  • Tootsie Pops
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • DumDum Lollipops
  • 3 Musketeer Bars
  • Now N Laters

Tip: LOOK AT LABELS!! You don’t want Saturated Fats or Trans Fats on your label!

Isabel De Los Rios’ Beyond Diet program helps you to figure out which fats are OK and which to avoid!  

Healthier Hot Cocoa: Skip those store-bought packages.  Those packets are full of empty calories.  Make your own using hot water, chopped dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and a sweetener of your choice.  Mix together and viola – the same taste with a lot less calories!

Quick ideas: Roast pumpkin or sunflower seeds with a sprinkle of salt and sugar.  Peel grapes and tell kids they are eyeballs – for some reason, if something seems grosser, kids love it more!

DIY Popcorn Balls! Use whole grain, unsalted popcorn and peanut butter.  Have fun and get messy with your kids rolling them up.  Add a touch of cinnamon or sugar to your liking.

DIY Caramel Apples! Okay, not caramel, but close. Get a SMALL sized apple, cover with peanut butter (not caramel) then add crushed dark chocolate pieces, dried fruits, or nuts. Fun to make and to eat!

The Multi-Tasker: A multi-purpose sub: Greek Yogurt!!  You already know you can have plain Greek Yogurt instead of skim milk on your Cabbage Soup Diet week, Day 4, but it has a lot of great uses!

Dip: Mix Vanilla Greek Yogurt, pumpkin puree, and a dash of cinnamon.  Dip with applies and serve at a party or just as an after school snack for kids. Bonus points if you add food coloring! 🙂

I hope that this list has helped you.  If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments or come find me at Facebook!

Happy Holidays,


PS: In case you’re interested in Isabel’s program, CLICK HERE for an awesome, free video.  Grab a paper and pen first, she has a lot to tell you!!