Crazy Weather? Break Out the Grill for a Change!

Catherine here, The weather has been crazy all over the United States with some days starting out with temperatures in the 30s and then ending up in the high 80s. So break out the grill if you’ve had it closed … Continue reading

Low Calorie Super Bowl Snacks and Beer!

Skinny Great Tasting Super Bowl Appetizers! Catherine here, Lets face it – you will not be eating cabbage soup on Super Bowl Sunday! More than likely you will be tempted by delicious foods BUT you can still fight the battle … Continue reading

Turkey? Not Just For Thanksgiving!!

Turkey Isn’t Just for Thanksgiving! Try Substituting With These Low Calorie Products… Catherine here, Here are some more low calorie substitutes to help you with your eating plan after the 7 Day Cabbage Soup Diet. Think turkey! • Krave Turkey … Continue reading