Thanksgiving Calories Beware!!

The Season Of Overeating Has Arrived!

Catherine here,

Many of you are preparing for the big Thanksgiving feast next week and that means plenty of over eating! So how can you keep from gaining 1-4 pounds during this festive time? Navigate the table carefully! You don’t want one pant size of cookies and dips added to your belly!

You know the rules – skip the chips and dips and cheese and crackers. If you are going to splurge make sure it’s on a once a year specialty dish or dessert that isn’t something you can buy from the grocery store. Like Aunt Agnes’ pumpkin roll or Aunt Becky’s pecan bread pudding – hand made with love and real ingredients.

So some people think a vegetable tray is boring – well then change their way of thinking. Besides the usual carrots, and celery why not add zucchini or cucumber slices, snap peas, radishes and a big bowl of hummus to slow digestion. Presentation is the key and you will save on calories by ignoring those chips that are not worthy of eating.

Shrimp cocktail is always a perfect choice at the buffet table along with protein packed meatballs. Want something with fuel power and crunch appeal? Try wrapping some asparagus with prosciutto – delicious! A few olives or dill pickles are good treats and so much better than anything fried.

Remember eat in moderation and drink lots of water to keep yourself feeling full. If you are drinking alcohol make sure to drink a glass of water in between.

To Your Health and Holiday,


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