This Common Beverage Ingredient Makes You Fat!

Do you drink Diet Soda?  Do you CRAVE it?  Here is why!!!

The Study

The studies have been concluded and the results are in!

Doctors and researchers at Yale University have discovered an incredible link to this ONE SINGLE ingredient that is common in many drinks and fullness: how full you feel after having that particular drink.

Here are the details:

Researchers had people in the mid-20s drink two different types of beverages. 

One of the drinks had the sugar called ‘glucose’ and the researchers noted that when people drank those drinks, they felt full after.  The ‘desire’ center of the brain was satisfied with that drink.  The people didn’t want another drink.

Now – Read THIS!

The researchers had the group drink a second beverage that contained ‘fructose’ which is a more common sugar that is in SO many foods. 

When people finished those drinks, their brains didn’t read as ‘satisfied’ and the desire center of the brain was not turned off.

Let me tell you what that means!

That means that if you have a drink with a lot of fructose (sodas, juices, etc) than you don’t feel full.  Not at all.  Instead, your body says MORE MORE MORE.

This is why if you’re, for example, a Diet Coke drinker, you probably don’t drink ONE per day, you have three.  Or more.

How Can We Fix It?

The answer is to cook more at home – to read labels – and to avoid items with ‘fructose’ or ‘high-fructose corn syrup.’

Going Even Further

Furthermore, we need to turn off that trigger in our brains that CRAVES that soda once and for all.  That takes willpower and training, both of which are hard to come by – and hard to stick to!

To keep myself on track, I use the Enjoying Weight Loss program by the Hypnosis Network.  It helps me to reduce cravings, to limit my portions, and it is super easy to use.

Check out my review of Enjoying Weight Loss here!

And put down that soda!

To your happiest 2013,


  • Amy

    Not to mention the Aspartame in them. I used to drink loads of diet drinks to watch my weight, but in fact they are 10x worse for you in the long run! My advice: stick to water and squash!

  • Kim

    Is Aspartame bad for you? I keep asking and no one has any real answers. I drink Crystal Light and it contains aspartame. I also have a 4 year old, is it okay to let her drink crystal light?

    • Thats a question you may want to ask her doctor… i’d say water with fruit in it would be better!!

  • Kiery

    Sorry but i don’t see how that is making us fat. I know that drinking artificial sweeteners makes you crave more carbs and sweet things in the ling run, but as long as you count you calories and exercise a bit on self control then you should be fine.

    Also pointing out so what if you drink three cans of diet coke instead of one a day? (Apart from your wallet of course?) I drink coke zero so if i had 3 cans a day that’d be 3.3 calories. If i drank ONE can of full sugar normal coke i think that’s about 160 calories for that ONE can. However i look at it you still seem to come out ahead drink artificial stuff…

    • WaistLength Goal

      Coke in general is bad for you. The whole zero calorie thing is bull you shouldn’t always believe what you red on the front of a can. Try reading the back of the label companies get away with putting fat free and sugar free to make you buy it sugar turns into fat things like fructose dextrose ect are highly processed sugars and aspartame has been known to cause many cancers as well as to much sugar has been known to cause diabetes. Do your research because you will be surprised on how much information you missed just because you chose to believe the fda or usda whos being sponsored by the same companies they approve. You might not see it now but in the long run it will hurt you.

    • It isnt just about the calories in one particular can. It’s the repetitiveness and the excessive drinking that leads it to be an almost addicting habit. Plus, studies are showing the artificial sugars are leading to long term health issues as well.

      • Kiery

        But it is about the calories. that is all weight loss is – calories in, calories out. Yeah it can become an addiction, way to easily actually, but i’m still failing to see how an diet soft drink addiction leads to weight gain.

        And anyone with a screw in their head know that this stuff will lead to health problems – thats what happens when your constantly drinking chemicals and poisons. But surely if they cared about the risk they wouldn’t touch the stuff in the first place?