Tips To Stop Emotional Eating!

If you have a bad day at work, do you immediately think about going home and indulging in some ice cream, or maybe even some carby foods, like pizza or pasta?

If so, you’re an emotional eater.

And, just so you know, you are NOT alone. Far from it!!!! 

Having this mindset can ruin ANY diet plan.  Many people, while emotionally eating, don’t realize how much they are actually consuming…and some people barely remember eating junky foods the next day.

This means that even if you’re journaling or listing your foods, you could be cheating and NOT EVEN REALIZE it!  How scary is that?  All your effort…for nothing.  No, thanks.

Tips To Stop Eating Your Emotions!

There are plenty of tips and tricks that use here!  Here are a few of the best ones I’ve read:

-Keep Detailed Notes!  Instead of just journaling as you eat, make note of WHY you eat and WHEN.  This way, even if you start to think to grab a snack, you can take a minute to analyze WHY it is you want that food.  Odds are, once you think about it, you won’t want it anymore.

-Replace It!  Instead of grabbing a snack, grab your dog and go for a walk!  Or call your best girlfriend.  Or call your Grandmother.  Or start painting that bedroom door you’ve been ignoring for months.  Channel your energy elsewhere!

-Remove It! If you know you’re going to have a stressful week, don’t buy junk food!  If you have some left, throw it out.  Don’t think of it as wasting food at the moment, think of it as saving yourself some unwanted weight!

My Rough Week

As I mentioned in my email, I had a rough week myself.  And I actually googled these tips for myself, initially (haha, sorry!) but I thought I would share.

And, guess what I did during the week instead of eating?

Even in the Texas sun (it’s July here, it’s close to 100 degrees every day), I grabbed my two dogs and we went for a walk down the street.  Just for 10 minutes (and yes, I made them walk on grass so their paws didn’t burn).

Let me tell you, when I got back to my house, there was nothing I wanted more than a freezing cold glass of water!!!  (The dogs did, too!).  

You really can learn to change your mindset!  It just takes commitment and practice!

 What do you do instead of eat, when you have had a bad day?

Leave notes in the comments – I love when you all help each other!!

Till next time,


PS: Keep an eye out for an email next week with more tips to curb emotional eating binges!

  • D40reed

    I’ve tried exercise over eating and found that after a short nap, I was twice as hungry and ate until I physically hurt to match the emotional pain. What do you suggest for me who can’t quickly release the bad feelings of a bad day?

    • Cynthiagranite

      I hear you I look at photos of when I felt good

      • Jesusmahbna

        Photos are excellent motivation. I just went on vacation with my family and didn’t realize how much weight i had gained in the recent years until I saw photos. I spent my life always being thin and this was an eyeopener!! When I look at pictures of when I was my normal weight it motivates me to get back there.

        • Tabithaswildcat

          Absolutely right, photos are motivation. My brother in law has a habit of taking pics at family functions and showing them a year or so later, well, whdn I saw that pic & was humiliated. I copied that pic & hung it on my closet door where I get dressed every day, girl I went on Weight Watcher’s & lost 40lb, alzo joined LA fitness.

    • I actually use a hypnosis program. I was going to write about it Monday and it’s on my site already as well, it’s called Enjoying Weight Loss by the Hypnosis Network. You can find my review here:

  • Lady Edgecombe

    When I get stressed I release all that nervous energy by cleaning the house. My husband always says he immediate knows when I am angry or upset because all the corners in the house are spotless.

  • Dee

    Tell me, is there a difference between emotional eating, as in having a bad day, and eating because you are lonely?

    • Very similar. Eating to fill time, because of a bad day, all are coming from a similar place.

  • Depression can lead to overeating. If you are feeling depressed,lonely or extremely emotional seek medical help. Sometimes, just knowing why we do something helps us. I’ve been keeping a journal of everything I eat. I also note special occasions and late hour snacking, I found that I snacked when I was tired so I started to go to bed earlier. It helps.

  • S_aqua

    whn i m on diet can i eat mangoes

  • Jacquemmaurice

    This is my serious issue.. I appreciate all of the suggestions and look forward to more.

  • GS

    when i’m hungry, i eat a pizza

    • Perhaps the ideas above will help you select healthier choices 🙂

  • Sri

    I take shower for long time whn I’m n stress, I enjoy doing tht, whn I’m done I realy feel relaxed with cup of tea

  • Liz

    I drink a glass of water and then go and work in the garden, raining or not.

  • Yarnell2002

    Drink a lot of water

  • Kind-a-blue

    Nobody mentioned alcohol. When I’m stressed, lonely and hungry I reach for a bottle of red wine. I will even drive to the bottle shop to get it.

  • Aprildovewolf

    a very wise idea , i see to it to follow all your tips….. wish me luck

  • Sheikhsafa

    u are chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Vrushali

    I eat quiet less…as compared to my colleage days…still i puting up….
    is because that i have no worries…?? or i stay relaxed

  • Sheila

    Hi Catherine
    I find that if I get really hungry I make myself a cup of hot herbal tea. I drink water, but it’s got to be half frozen bottled water, I put sugar-free cherry flavoring in it and it makes me feel like I’m cheating when I’m not. If I really feel the urge to eat I will fill a sandwich bag up with dry cereal like cheerios or a bunch of mini carrots. I try to limit myself to just one bag. Even a banana shake made with skim milk and one banana is good to carve your craving. I’m learning all kinds of tricks and I’m so excited. Honestly Catherine I find that praying before I start my day helps me a lot…