Today Is Officially Pumpkin Spice Latte Day Release!

Catherine here,

So some of you might think it’s too early for Starbucks to be selling their most popular latte today, but then some of you, like me, are excited about it!

I admit it’s a bit early but hey all of the stores here in the South already have Halloween and Christmas decorations for sale! So I say bring on the pumpkin latte but watch out for the 380 whopping calories (Grande) in it!

If you do splurge remember you can always do my trusty 7 Day Plan. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then continue reading. If you do, then go get that latte, but only one a week to avoid weight gain.

If you can’t possibly stick to a rigid 7 Day Plan of Cabbage Soup then do just the first 3 days – that’s it. The first three days will help you shed the belly bloat and inspire you to eat better. If you have any left-over soup go ahead and freeze it!

If you have the time do the 7 Day Plan for more weight loss.

To Your Health,

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