Sweet And Healthy Recipes For Your Sweet Tooth

Victory Over Your Sweet Tooth

Even the healthiest, fittest people can have a “sweet tooth,” which causes you to desire sweet (read: fattening) foods instead of salty.

Even if you finished your Cabbage Soup Diet week with no problems…AND you’re embarking on a long term healthy plan, your cravings might still be trying to throw you off track!

If you’re like me, your sweet tooth is at bay most of the time, BUT there are certain times when I just NEED something sweetly satisfying.

Sweet Tooth Cures:

Here are a couple things she suggests to beat your sweet tooth (while not beating yourself up about it later):

  • Cut up some fresh fruit, like berries, an apple, half a banana, and add a teaspoon of raw, natural honey. (Raw honey is better than the processed stuff – less sugar but JUST as sweet)
  • Almond or peanut butter mixed with apple sauce and a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • An apple, cut into slices, with some almond or peanut butter, then a sprinkle of raw cacao or dark chocolate on top (YUM!! This is my favorite!)
  • Herbal tea, in a fruity flavor, with some raw honey or agave to sweeten (once you try agave, I promise you’ll never want processed sugar packets again!)

“Cocoa-Nut” Bananas Recipe

I was also looking through recipes recently and found another one that sounds amazing, since I am a fan of ANYTHING with coconut.  This also sounds like something that your kids can easily help with!

The recipe:

*4 teaspoons of organic cocoa powder
*4 teaspoons of toasted, unsweetened coconut
*2 small bananas, sliced on the bias

Place cocoa and coconut on separate plates. Roll each banana slice in the cocoa, and shake off the excess. Then, dip banana in the coconut.

Easy, quick, and tasty…plus, coconut and chocolate!! I am seriously going to stop by the store tonight for some cocoa powder and make this tonight! I bet it would be great frozen, too.

(This last recipe came from Isabel De Los Rios.  Click HERE if you want to see more from her!)

Are there any healthy, sweet treats you’ve created?? Please share in the comments! Or, if you make this recipe, show us a pic!

Your partner in Cabbage (and raw cocoa),


  • Krystal

    The recipes sound great, I love coconut!

    • Me, too! If you have a recipe you love that involves coconut, please share!!

      • LeaVerne

        Try putting low fat or no fat cream cheese and non fat strawberry yogurt in a blender. Blend until smooth and pour over your fruit. Absolutely wonderful.

        • Non-fat Greek yogurt is a wonderful addition to a smoothie as well! VERY high in protein. Regular non-fat yogurt has 3-4 gr protein while non-fat Greek yogurt has 16-18 grams!! Make the smoothie so much smoother as well! Feels more substantial!

    • Last night I had a cup of low fat pineapple sherbert with a sprinkle of coconut over it that I warmed in the micro, with a few spoonfuls of berries that come frozen, then just a few seconds to thaw those. I put everything in a small OJ glass, like a little tumbler, and it looked and tasted yummy!

  • Sharon

    I eat a lot of frozen fruit this time of year. I take frozen bananas and slice. Then pour cold
    non-fat milk over them and top with cinnamon. This is my breakfast many days. I love
    to freeze grapes and then snack on them in the afternoon or evening. Remember, peel
    bananas before freezing and also use the ripest bananas for sweetness.
    Thanks for all these great tips.

  • sj

    i cant stop eating and its driving me mad, i’m having suicidle thoughts ;'(

    • Audrajdodson

      OMG things will get better with time, patience and focus. Nothing worth having comes easy. I too have a problem with food so I feel your pain but lets drop the suicide talk and take it one day at a time. Your life is worth so much more. Be Blessed

    • Justrisa

      hi sj, so what is it that makes you go for the comfort food or any food? is it because you miss a certain food when you are dieting, like for me it’s pasta and rice and anything starchy cause that for me is comforting. what day on the diet are you on? you can email me if you prefer at: justrisa@aol.com I will be happy to share more insight with you…for now, imagine yourself at a weight that would make you happy and keep that focus. keep imagining yourself walking tall and looking like that weight in your mind, breathing slowly and smiling, enjoying how you look, eating something good, healthy, refreshing…

    • SJ we are all here for you! Please don’t talk like that and let this awesome community help out as best we can! I would suggest making lists before you hit the store, not buying things that aren’t on your dietplan.. And many people use food when they want to escape stress. You need to try to re-program your brain, and perhaps medical hypnosis can help. Please let me know how I can help!

    • dear sj,

      unfortunately, you do have to take responsibility for your own actions. however, i would recommend you visit your GP/mental health service as soon as possible if you would like to talk about those thoughts. It may be a considerably more appropriate forum.

  • Guest

    One nice trick is to freeze two bananas (skins off). When frozen, put them into a blender with bit of milk (I cannot have dairy so I use soy, rice, hemp or oat milk)- just about 1/4 to half of a cup will do, and a teaspoon of agave (or any other natural sweetener). Blend until just pureed and you have a terrific, low-fat, soft-serve ice cream! YUM 🙂

    You can also omit sweetener and used a flavored milk- like chocolate or strawberry.

    • PC

      Wow this receipe looks yummy, I am gonna get some bananas and try it tomorrow itself.

    • That’s a good idea for banana day on the Cabbage Soup Diet too, minus the agave! Thanks for that suggestion!

    • Have you tried Coconut Milk? You can get a really good one at Trader Joes and it will keep on your shelf until you are ready to refrigerate. 🙂

  • Elaine33_01

    great Catherine- I did great with the diet and the weight loss continues– I just don”t want to screw up!!!

    • You wont if you put your mind towards it!! Look for something more long term now, like TheDietSolution which will give you tons of recipes for your specific body type. Continued success to you!

  • Micheal

    I only lost 3 pounds on the diet itself but have lost a pound every other day since. Is this normal?

    • Yes, it is, as your body continues to detox and your metabolism continues working at a high speed. Plus, hopefully you’re still eating well too, which can reflect with more weight lost

  • Micheal

    on the bananas and skim milk day I put 2 bananas cut up in the blender with about 2/3 cup skim milk, a little sweetner and a teaspoon of vanilla. It made a very good smoothie

    • Good idea! Next time, throw in a strawberry instead of that vanilla 😉

      • Carmen

        Hi Catherine – can I ask – why no vanilla? I was doing the same thing and am wondering why its no good!

        • Its artificial! Even organic vanilla will have a sweetener. So, unfortunately, no honey, agave, splenda, vanilla, none.

          • I’m about to try the CSD, but my one problem is the bananas. I have an intolerance to them (they make me throw up and I can’t eat them). Is there something else I can do instead on ‘bananas and skimmed milk day’?

          • Yes, you can have kiwi, papaya, or apricot, and make sure they are fresh and not dried. Will one of those work?

  • Eclewis72

    I did the cabbage soup diet a few years ago and it was amazing! I’m starting it again this week to get back to the size I was after living a a vegan for 2 years. That was way more challenging than the CSD.

    ellflower in rochester, ny

  • AJ

    I did the CSD two weeks ago and lost 8 pounds and I still felt great.
    This was the best diet I have tried in a long time. How often do you suggest we do the diet. I have been on bed rest for a week now from surgery and wanted to do it again to get me going one more time.

    • lacey

      AJ, wait at the very least 2 weeks between diet weeks, and take care of yourself as you recover!! If you’re having difficulty recovering, hypnosis does wonders for that, too… Email me if you want more info, no pressure, at catherine@cabbage-soup-diet.com

  • Anonymous

    I do the frozen banana smoothie, but I use unsweetened coconut milk drink from Trader Joe. The banana sweetens the smoothie and it’s delish. I also eat oatmeal, sweetened w agave, with coconut and raw sliced almonds. Very good breakfast or you can have a small amount for dessert.

  • Flor2marid

    I am on my 3rd time doing the cabbage soup, and I have lost 20 pounds. I feel and look great. I am do the soup, then I eat very healthy for 2 weeks, then I go back . I will keep doing this until I get my ideal weight. I am also doing Pilates for exercise 2 times a week. I am very happy to heard about the Cabbage Soup diet because this work. Keep you motivated to eat healthy.

    • Good idea, remember to take at least 1-2 weeks between diets. If you deprive your body too much, it may go into ‘starvation mode’ and try to cling to the few calories you give it. In your off weeks, remember to have plenty of protein, but have good fats too, like the kind in nuts, avocados, etc 🙂

      • Glenda Foy

        Hello Catherine Soup, Would I be able to substitute the cabbage with another leafy veg such as spinach or kale? And if so, would it produce the same effects as the traditional cabbage soup?

        • Put the regular lettuce/cabbage in your soup, but you can eat the others on your vegetable days. The cabbage is def a major, necessary component.

        • alan gosport uk

          i am using Kale in a soup this week Glenda now i have finished the CSD and it tastes lovely and i believe it is still having a good effect on keeping the weight off.

    • Flor2marid,
      I am doing the very same thing. It has been great! Has anyone here tried Stevia? You can grow it yourself right with your herbs. I love to grind mine and add it to pies or desserts or throw a few leaves in the my iced tea. Of course I buy the powder form in the store for baking but it all natural and zero calories and will sweeten things right up even if you use it in conjunction with suga, honey, or agave it will save you calories! 🙂

      • alan gosport uk

        i have not heard of Stevia. which store would sell that product please?

        • In the US, we find it at pretty much every grocery store, near the sugar. You may have been luck in a speciality store.

  • Jelena

    I’ve just finished the CSD (no cheating) and didn’t lose as much weight as I thought I would. Do you find starting weight effects how much weight a person loses?

    • Yes, the heavier you are, the easier it is to lose.

      • Jelena

        Thank you, I was hoping that was the case. Anyway weight lose is good and the CSD helped me clense my system. I am on a heathier eating plan and continue to lose weight. Thank you for all the advise on your web-site and emails.

  • Luddy

    Hi, I had finished my CSD two weeks ago for the first time and since then continued to watch what i put in ma mouth..Am back on truck with CSD this weekend. I am not a very curvy person, but i know what weight which always makes me feel comfortable even after my 3 children and so didnt lose that much weight..like my hubby did:((…was so happy to see these amazing results in him..he looks great.
    This time, i will try do some extra excercises and shed more inches off on ma belly muffin tops!:((..
    What should i expect more this time around? cant wait to be so small…
    Many thanks for ya support Cathy.

    • Luddy, men always lose weight faster than women, thats just how it goes. For best results, dont add salt, oils, dressings, or anything like that. Skip the butter on the potato and drink as much water as you possibly can!

  • Edithamiranda

    I have done with my cabbage soup. Really I did enjoy eating it. I have lost 1.5 kilos. And it is great for me, coz sometimes I am cheating also myself to taste other food, while having my cabbage soup. Next week, I will start for another cabbage soup session, and I’ll try to discipline my self.

    tank you Ms Catherine and more power to you.

  • Olga

    Hey, I absolutely love the cabbage soup plan 🙂 I have managed to loose 2kgs in 2 weeks time and even more motivated than before. Though I want to carry on but I feel th ebody needs a break but I am scared of putting back the flesh.
    I wanted to know if I can continue simple cabbage soup as a major meal of the day and continue some healthy breakfast and lunch snack as normal?

  • Adeel

    I didn’t like your gabage soup because its not tasty……
    Tell me any Diet plan which is very good in taste and healthy,,,

    • Make soup you like? Of course if you dont like the soup you wont follow the diet. This site is for the cabbage soup diet. Google for other suggestions if this doesnt suit your needs!

  • Shellaleigh

    A banana heated in the microwave dusted with cinnamon and a little honey is DIVINE!

  • Shellaleigh

    A banana heated in the microwave dusted with cinnamon and a little honey is DIVINE!

  • I have completed the 7 days on this wonderful soup, and lost 7Kgs …. soooooooooo happy. and now on the Dukan Diet. The soup tastes great, and will deffinitly do it again, it is like
    ” A Comfort Soup”

  • Eyes2thefuture

    Agave is yummy but it is high in fructose which is hard on your liver

  • Ritat43

    Starting the CSD tomorrow after today’s Super Bowl feeding frenzy!!! A couple of questions before I get started:
    1. Is it better to eat the soup for breakfast, or should I opt for fruit?
    2. Is unsweetened applesauce okay to eat?
    3. Is adding chopped fresh jalepenos to the soup a good idea?
    Can’t wait to start. Was at a funeral over the weekend, and as we all know, “funeral food” is usually rich, fried, and cheesy. I’m ready to start feeling a little less sluggish and a lot more energetic! Wish me luck!

    • 1. You can only have fruit on Days 1 and 3, so yes, soup for breakfast on the non fruit days.
      2. Not if its store bought. Mash up a baked apple yourself, sure, but not store bought.
      3. Yes, great idea.
      Good luck! Sorry for your loss, too.

      • Ritat43

        Thanks, Catherine. Just got home from the market. Loaded up on apples, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, scallions. Had everything else in the house to get through the week, except bananas. Will get those closer to the day that I need them.

        When I make my soup today, instead of using the V8 juice, I’m using my home grown tomato sauce. Nothing but tomatoes in the container, not even salt.

        I was looking for a cranberry juice without added sweeteners. The bottle says 100% no sugar added, but the ingredients include apple juice, etc. Is that okay? Or is there a special brand I should be looking for? Love, love, love cranberry juice!

      • Wait why have the soup for breakfast only on non fruit days?? You can have soup on days 1 and 3 according to the plan so why not eat soup for breakfast everyday if you want?

        • You MUST have the soup for breakfast every single day. Plus the other stuff.

  • Smunaki

    Hie I am still breast feeding. Why can i not go on this diet.

    • Ask your doctor. This diet is not recommended for breastfeeding Moms.

  • Hope

    Hi! Ms. Catherine.. I’m planning to take CSD next week and I’m just wondering if I can still take my Vitamin E and Vitamin C?? I just dont know if those will have effect on my diet plan.. thanx!

  • Michelle Shane

    Hi there I’ve done my cabbage soup diet last week i loved it i had no trouble eating it as i blended its all up it just looked like tomato soup but i added table spoon hot curry powder and teaspoon chili paste along with teaspoon white pepper i lost 6.5kg and walked a half hour every night Thankyou for this great diet it was quiet easy to do as i love this my vegies

    • Great suggestions for added flavor to the soup. My husband and I have tried several spice combos as well but hadn’t thought of chili paste. 🙂



  • April

    I love the CSD I was determined and I stuck with it even started walking 3 miles a night. I lost a total of 12 pounds!!! I won’t lie the first few days were extremely hard but I got thru it. I’m still walking every night. In 3 weeks I’ve lost a total of 22 pounds. I plan on doing the CSD again next week.

    • alan gosport uk

      dont forget the advice from Catherine that you should have a 2 week break before attempting the CSD again so that you can build up protein in your body again and not go into starvation mode.

  • Tjquate

    Yummie! Here’s my contribution: Air popped corn and a 1/2 & 1/2 mix of peanut butter and agave warmed in micro until it’s just smooth enough to mix together. Be stingy with the mixture, pour over popcorn, and mix up real good with those plastic kitchen gloves on. This taste very similar to kettle corn and is from Snackgirl.Com

  • Shelly

    No artificial sweetener, how about actual leaves off of the stivia plant?

    • No, no sweetener at all

      • I have used Stevia consistently. No worse then fructose which is a sweetener in all the fruit we eat only has no calories, is all natural and no impact on sugar spikes. I always lose 10 lbs and feel great. Really helps with cravings and keeps me from cheating.:)

    • No, no sweetener at all

  • Bongi

    mix almonds,pumpkin seeds,cashews,sunflower seeds and add jungle raisins and some dried apricots.

  • Mbarnard2011

    Hi Catherine, I am on day 2 of the CSD and is so far doing okay….. thanks.
    I have been on the soup diet some years ago when much younger and lost more than 15kgs. I find it a little more difficult to lose the kilos now that I am older and less active……

  • Cabbage soup is great, I am a first timer lost 7 punds because I can’t control my sweet tooth, I add some flavor with fresh garlic, I am going to do it again and see if I can behave.

  • Daina

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Stevia…according to what I’ve read it is the only low/no calorie sweetener that helps stabilize blood sugar and actually contributes to weight loss as opposed to aspartame or any sugar product…even honey can cause a blood sugar spike, though I’m sure you meant to use sparingly 🙂 thanks for all of your helpful tips, love your ideas! Thank you!

  • Daina

    oh and of course coconut oil…used sparingly also, adds a sweet coconut flavor while added benefits of eating less and all the wonderful health benefits of coconut oil! 🙂

  • Daina

    Sorry for posting so much, I keep thinking of new things to say 🙂 hopefully helpful..I live with other people, have no income myself and have to eat what is in the house so no cabbage soup for me 🙁 We do have tons of oatmeal, the good kind not instant. I make a pot of that and add Stevia, a little coconut oil (a kind friend bought me some) and cinnamon, vanilla extract, raisins when possible, just a few since they have lots of calories and sugar…and there I have a very inexpensive meal which satisfies my sweet tooth, makes me full, and helps with the weight situation! 🙂

    • Love the posting! And that oatmeal sounds good!!

    • alan gosport uk

      dont worry about how much you have to say or post. it all helps the rest of us to keep to the plan and your suggestions sound delicious thankyou

  • Blackbrunnette

    Hi Catherine. I finished the cabbage soup diet last week. It was my first time, it wasn’t easy but I stiked to it for the seven days. I lost 6 pounds, but I had the soup every day even on fruits days, was I mistaking? it seems like I was not suppsed to have soup on day 1 and 3. I do like the CSD I will do it again in another two weeks, hopefully I will loose more weight. I thank you.

  • Bstubachi

    Hai, I found your diet quit interesting and following d same. I have a dought, U have given a shopping list, Are the ingredients in the list for whole week soup preparations or what? Plz answer. Thanks

    • Youll need 2 batches for the week

      • alan gosport uk

        i actually made 3 batches so that i could have 3 bowls per everning as it tasted so great

  • Iona

    I have completed the Cabbage Soup too and lost 2.2 Kg, i did cheat afew times. This is because we have had vistors at home and thus could not help thefood temptation. But still am happy with what I have lost and will start the CSD again. Thank you Catherine for the wonderful way to lost weight.

  • jennifer

    I’ve just started the cabbage diet and am really enjoying the soup. It certainly warms you up in the autumn. Think this is great that people can have someone dedicated to providing the information you do. Thankyou! Jen

  • mrscov

    I just finished the CSD and yes, I lost (10) pounds in (6) days. It was not easy, as I am a little older, than I was the last time I did it, but I must admit, I went (6)days and didnot do the last day(#7) and still lost 10 pounds. It was worth it. Thanks

    • alan gosport uk

      thats fantastic new mrscov – it does work. I did the whole 7 days but it was a struggle on day 2 and more tempting to eat something bad on day 3 but i am glad i kept to the diet plan as i lost 11lbs after 7 days and i feel all the better in my body for it

  • clp

    I don’t like tomatoes in my soup. What can I substitue?
    Can I just omit them all toegether?

  • staci

    I did the diet exactly for five day then fell off at a wedding. I lost 10 pounds in those five days. Absolutely amazing!! I maintained the weight loss for one week and started again on a Monday and lost 5 pounds in three days. I had a “slip” tonight but back on banana day tomorrow. I do zumba exercise four days a week. I am extremely grateful for your website; out it is informative and inspiring. Here’s my lunch “vegetable medley” scallions,, water chestnuts, radishes, red bell pepper chopped up little pieces with a tough of Paul Newman life balsamic vignette. Two of the girls at work want to share it with me because it tastes great. Thank you soooo much. We can do this!! ♥♡♥

  • alan gosport uk

    i did the CSD last week for the full 7 days and lost 11lbs (5kg) – truely amazing and i look and feel so good having done it. Now back on normal foods but watching what i eat and keeping to the fresh fruit and veg. The baked Kale chips which Catherine suggested were a great altenative to normal crisps. Thank you so much for introducing me to CSD

  • Ariadne

    I’ve written an essay about this, and it was considered by lots of critics that this isn’t the best diet as to loosing weight because the best way to loose weight is by changing your lifestyle and gradually, so are you positive that this doesn’t do any harm at all to your body? Because all you are receiving from this diet are small amounts of leafy greens and almost no fats, carbohydrates, iron, zinc and protein.

    • It really should be considered a week long cleanse and not a diet. There is also meat on 5 days, carbs from the bananas on 1 day, also. I agree it is not a long term diet.

  • Margaret

    I wasn’t able to stick to it fully! I was so hungry because I didn’t really like the soup. Craving something more filling. :o(

  • Katie

    Thanks for everything. I handled this 7 day diet no problems. The encouraging e-mails are great. Agave is bad bad bad for diabetics or anyone with any kind of heart problem. It is a form of triglyceride. Also, I have high cholesterol so I can’t have it either. Stick with raw honey.

  • Gigi

    I did it for a week and it was a scam! I did it exactly how it is written and NOTHING! I started eating healthy never less than 1200 Kcal and never more than 1600 for then days and I AM feeling the difference in my clothes and on the scale. No more cabage soup ever again!

  • Rick

    I am a 73 old male. aprox. 15 years ago i did the CSD and lost 15 lbs. This time i lost only 6 lbs., Why???

  • Jajamin

    Hi guys.. i just wanna say to the people that doubt this method to give it a try.. I’ve lost 4 kilos = 8 lbs to this program in 2 cycles. I’ve try various different method to get the number down but it seems to be too stubborn and i almost lost my health to it. but when i came across with this simple method, the number had goes down easily and stays there and also even after i finished my 7 days program, i don’t have the carvings to eat like before. So what i can tell bout this program is that i helps me and people around me start asking for it as they can see results in me. Thanks Catherine for the effort that you had put into this website and I’ll keep sharing it with others that have weight problem like me.. 🙂