Warning: Foods That Make You Look Older…Faster!

Catherine here,

I try my best to look my best at all times…and I know that you, like me, want to retain that youthful glow for as long as possible.

So many things are working AGAINST us and our sensitive skin – including too much sun, bad food choices, smoking, stress, fatigue, and sometimes, just from being busy and forgetting.

While we cannot eliminate ALL of those factors, there are a few we can control easier, like what we eat.

Guess what?

Read the list below…you’ll see there is a direct match between the foods that expand our waistlines and the foods that work against our skin and age us, too.

Take a look at the list below, and let me know what you think.

Foods That Age You Faster


Watch out for too much wheat and added gluten in your food plan.  If you’re sensitive to gluten – and you don’t know it and eat a lot of it – it can accelerate joint pain, add to the extra baggage in your belly, and make your complexion appear sullen and less healthy.


I do NOT mean fresh corn on the cob.  You need to look out for corn based cereals, corn oils, and high fructose corn syrup.  Too much corn syrup sends your blood sugar levels out of whack, causing you to age quicker over time – and feel horrible!

Certain Oils!

Please remember, when you’re cooking or baking, reach for Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, something healthy and natural.  Put down the soybean or canola oils or generic ‘vegetable’ based oils.  Know where your items come from!  These unhealthy oils can lead to heart disease, and a healthy heart will keep you going stronger and longer.

Artificial Sweeteners!

If you’re going to drink soda, you might as well drink the real stuff.  If nothing else, put DOWN that diet soda!!  Artificial sweeteners trigger the same ‘addiction’ spot in the brain that illegal drugs trigger – so if you feel as if you’re addicted to your drink, you are!  Plus, artificial sugars make your brain cells so excited that they eventually die out, putting you at risk for cancers or dementia at an early age.

Remember, the best foods for your waistline, your skin, and your LIFE are the natural ones – fruits, veggies, lean meats, nuts, and other proteins.

To your health,


  • Sadaf ali

    Great article thanks for sharing

  • Diana Vanvalkenburg

    thank you for sending this ,i did stop drinking diet soda and really don’t drink no soda no more and instead of the wheat bread ,i’am bad i do love my bread but i count down real lot so what do u suggest for me on the bread , and i do your cabbage soup diet lost 10 pound and going to do it again so thank you very much for that .

    • Catherine

      Hi Diana,
      I think just moderation is what you need to do and you can also get some gluten free crackers to help your craving for bread.
      10 pounds is awesome – good job!

  • Tori Gardner

    I know first hand that the things that you mention here are true. I don’t eat much bread any more and when I do drink soda ; it’s a regular one .

  • @Mathaps101

    Hi, I must say I’m encouraged by the information , I have started with the soup this week. I train a lot but loose little weight, but I realize I have to check the foods that don’t go with my body well, like gluten!

  • @Mathaps101

    I’m going to weigh next Monday, I hope for pleasing results!

  • Sonya W.G. Williams

    I’m drinking more water and using the right oils for cooking….thank for the tips

  • kabota

    i thought canola oil is good

    • Catherine

      Most of the world’s canola crop is genetically modified.