Weight Loss Super Foods! Grab These On Your Next Grocery Store Trip!

One of my most popular past posts was about peppermint and cayenne pepper flakes, two products that are inexpensive, easy to find, and help curb our appetites! (I’ll re-post the link at the end of this post)

Since that was so popular, here are even MORE healthy, yummy, filling choices that will help you control your portions, rev your metabolism, and lose that excess weight!

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5 Super Foods To Try Now!

Mushrooms! Did you know some versions of mushrooms have more protein than the same amount of beef?  Mushrooms are just as filling and contain much less fat!  Swap your beef burger patty for a thick, savory, shiitake mushroom – yummm!

-Apples!  Whether you eat them as is, bake them with a touch of cinnamon, or dip them in a non-fat yogurt sauce, apples are super good for you. They contain fiber and help to regulate our systems. Some studies suggest that they help prevent ” metabolic syndrome” which is excess belly fat.

-Chick peas!  Unless you’re a vegetarian, you cannot have chick peas during your Cabbage Soup Week.  Know why?  Because they (like mushrooms), contain so much protein and fiber that they work as a meat substitute, too.   You might be thinking – ew, chick peas?? Well, hummus is made from chickpeas! You can find easy hummus recipes on the web.

-SOUP!  Do I even need to explain how a low cal, high fiber, vegetable soup will help you lose weight!?!?!  Isn’t that why you’re here!?!  Even if you’re not on the Cabbage Soup Diet, you could make a pot of soup and have then as a between-meal snack to keep full before dinner.

-Kale! Kale is one of my personal favorites!  It’s low cal, high fiber, and contains iron and calcium.  Use it in place of lettuce or make kale chips! See my (super duper easy) recipe below!


This is one of the easiest recipes ever!

For kale chips, pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. Get your kale, wash it, and rip the leaves off the stem into bite size pieces.  In a separate small bowl, mix a few drops of olive oil (or whatever you use), and any spices you like together.  Get a baking sheet and arrange the kale on there in a single layer, drizzle your mixture over, and put in the oven for 10 minutes.  Take out when the edges of the leaves brown and eat when still warm and crunchy.  YOU ARE WELCOME. 🙂

Do you have any go-to superfoods?

Leave comments below so we can help each other shop and eat as healthy as possible!

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  • Denise

    Thank you for your wonderful, helpfull tips.
    They work!!!!!!!!!!! Just started with the diet and am feeling great.
    Will keep you updated.

  • Kathiw

    My go to food is lowfat cottage cheese and pineapple, My grocery store carries it in the dairy section already mixed together. Even if I get carried away and consume half the container (2+ servings) it has more protein and less fat and calories than most protein bars and satisfies my craving for a desert or something sweet.

  • Minipearl

    So I’m wondering can I eat a Sweet Pot. instead of the baked pot. Cause I really like SWEET POT.

  • Mark

    What do you think of truvia?

  • Rey

    I am on day 4 and have lost 4lbs…Didn’t think I’d make it this far, but am proud of myself and coworkers. From what I’m reading I could eat more soup daily and actually have been doing good with water (since I normally don’t drink a lot). I was wondering what can help with the leg cramps and acid reflux?

    • Catherine

      The bananas that you ate today should help with your leg cramps. Acid reflux can be hard to treat and caused by many factors. That I can’t help you with only your doctor should. It’s usually caused by spicy foods, sodas, coffees – it really varies from person to person.

  • nickyluvs_u

    Im on day 2 and im doing good however im feeling the grumbles in my tummy and bad headache what to do

    • Catherine

      You might try eating a little bit of protein to see if that helps the headache. Like a handful of nuts or a piece of string cheese. Just a little something to quiet the rumbles!

      • nickyluvs_u

        Thank you will do

  • nickyluvs_u

    Tomorrow will be my last day and so far I have lost 16 pounds. It’s amazing how my body reacted to not having sugar and carbs. I will continue eating the cabbage soup along with proteins fron fish and chicken and not drink sodas ir artificial sugars. I have enjoyed this discipline and determination to not give up especially on myself. Thanks for your support Ms C.

    • Catherine

      Wow that is great congrats to you!!! I know giving up sugar and carbs makes you feel so much better. Just allow yourself smaller amounts now and you won’t gain back the weight!!!