What is The Least Expensive Protein in Your Fridge?

Hint: You Eat Them And Put Them In Your Hair… but, not at the same time!

So, we know there are many sources of food with protein, from meats to veggies, but one super protein might already be in your fridge already!

This item is inexpensive (for the protein it packs in a serving), has low calories, has “good” cholesterol and “good” fat…

I bet some of you have already guessed…

I’m talking about EGGS!

What Is A Complete Protein?

Complete proteins are items that contain products that our bodies cannot make on their own. Most animal protein IS complete…but vegetable or grain proteins (while still important) are usually incomplete.

Complete proteins contain the amino acids that our bodies needs but doesn’t make enough of by itself.

Anything with protein helps you to feel full and satisfied, so the more protein in something (like chicken) the more satisfied we feel when we eat it. (and then we don’t over-eat later!)
Eggs: Protein With A Shell

Eggs contain 6 grams of complete protein and a serving of all 9 essential amino acids that we need.

Eggs also contain only 5 grams of fat, and only 1 gram of that is saturated fat.

Ask Isabel, this is one of the good sources of fat that we need in our diets on a regular basis!

Eggs also contain Vitamin D and they contain choline, which helps regulate our nervous systems.

Old school studies claimed eating too many eggs would lead to heart disease, but recently, studies are proving that wrong.

New studies claim that eggs may help prevent breast cancer and when eaten moderately, can help to regulate cholesterol, too.

And last of all, but certainly not least important, eating eggs helps make our hair and nails grow faster and stronger.

Hair Repair: Eggs To The Rescue

If the info above was not enough to make you add a carton to your grocery cart, you can also use eggs directly ON your hair as a rinse!

I certainly did not think of this…ask your Mom or your Grandmother, this idea goes way, way back!

Eggs contain protein (as we know), sulfur, and biotin, which help your hair and nails if you eat it OR if you use it as a mask (or both!)

The Egg Mask: Basic Rinse

This is SO easy to do, and you’ll notice a difference in your locks immediately.

1. Make sure your hair is clean and totally dry.
2. Beat 1-2 eggs, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.
3. Apply the slippery mixture to your hair, working from the top, roots, to the bottom.
4. Wait 30 minutes and hop in the shower.
5. Rinse very thoroughly and shampoo and condition as usual.

Do you have a favorite egg recipe, for your belly OR your hair??? Leave them in the comments and let’s swap ideas!

Till next time,